Happy Father’s Day Pa


There was this once, when mum got a bonus and she decided to buy a new television. The old one didn’t come with a remote control and so we used to switch channels using the buttons on the television. We got ourselves a big new television with a VCD player and my God, what a day it was! The consequent days of my life was spent watching my favorite cartoons and movies on the new television. The whole family was ecstatic including my brother. Switching channels using the remote was something we never dreamt off. We forgot about the old television just like that. Mum was happy. Dad on the other hand never parted with the old television. He watched his shows on it. We even forced him to part, but he didn’t. "I like this one" He would say. Funny man, I would say to myself. There was this once I got angry at him because his obsession for the old television never wavered. I told him off. He just smiled at me and said, "Sonu, one day you will realise how much you’ll miss the good old things in life when they’re gone. And when you go through that experience, you’ll savour every moment, object and person you have." I never understood what he meant. I was young, rebellious, reckless and full of anger. But now after his passing, I understand exactly what he means. Miss you Pa. You were the best old thing that ever happened. Happy Fathers Day.


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