Happy Birthday To Me


There was a time when I was so young that to make me sound and appear older, I used to tell people that I was a year older than I was back then whenever they asked me the question “How old are you?”


If I were 18, I would say, “I’m 19.”


But that is a thing of the past. Now, when they ask of my age I would tell them the truth.


I’m 25 years old.


There will come a time when I will have to lie and slash the numbers off my age and that time is not far off now.


However, as I was driving to get breakfast for myself, it suddenly dawned upon me. I’m 25 years old. I’m a man. A full grown man. In 5 years time I’ll be married and would have kids and family. It’s a scary thought. I’m looking forward to it..


I also reveled in the fact that if ever I’m mentioned in papers or in the news, they would refer to me as a man instead of a boy.


“A 25 year old man was caught trying to shop lift a comic book store last night. There is no sense of understanding as to why a 25 year old attempted to break into a comic book store to steal a bunch of Dragon Ball mangas. The police has identified the full grown man, who wears spectacles and has messy short hair. Here is his photo. As you can see based on the photo, he appears to be of 25 years of age, and is a full grown man. He appears to have not shaven for days and is in need of a good haircut and probably a trim or shave. Now let’s take a look at his features. He’s got dark eyes, a thick nose, with dark lips. Yepp, he’s a 25 year old man alright. No mistake there.”


I’m a quarter century old. Looking forward to the other quarter century of my life to come.


Anyways, thank you for the lovely birthday wishes. Appreciate them Smile





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