God, Me and Mangoes

God and me on the scooter. We rode in what felt like eternity, however, amazingly I didn’t find it a bore. It was asthough, time ceased to exist and minutes and seconds just became something of a distant dream that one has in the waking hours of the mornings. Time didn’t pass us by. Rather, time became one of us.

We rode until we came to a mango tree and so we stopped to get a respite from all the riding we had been doing. God walked to the mango tree and asked, “You like mangoes?” I replied, “Yes. Very much.”

“Good, I’m climbing this tree to get us some.” God climbed and came back with a few mangoes in his hands. We sat under the tree and enjoyed the juicy mangoes. That’s when I popped him a question.

“Why do people associate fear with you?”

God stopped eating, and with his lips wet thanks to the juicy mangoes, he smacked his lips and asked, “I don’t get your question.”

I tried to make God understand, “I mean.. People say, be afraid to not do this because God will be angry bla bla bla and all that. Fear of God. Why?”

God thought for a bit and then replied, “Maybe because they take me too seriously.”

I laughed. He made sense. I asked him another one, “But they should take you seriously right? I mean, you’re God. You’re the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Greatest, King of Kings, the Creator etc etc. People should respect you, correct?”

God smiled, leaned closer and said, “Fear and respect are two different things. Fear stems from the dark realms of the heart. From the shadows. Respect, now respect comes with love. Imagining me as a bearded person looking at you from a distance a the top of an unknown mountain with a thor like hammer in one hand, one can never know me personally.”

We munched silently. Then I asked him one last question under that mango tree, “Do you think I fear or respect you?”

God laughed like an innocent child and replied, “Sukhbir, if you feared me, would you have pictured me on a scooter, eating mangoes under this mango tree with you?”

We both laughed and continued eating the mangoes.




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