God, Me and Madness

The sky was clear blue and it reflected on the surface of the river which flowed slowly as I relaxed myself and placed my cheeks on the back of God’s neck as we both floated. God who had taken the form of a beautiful swan slowly carried me on his back, allowing me to enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding the river.

I peered through God’s feathers, catching glimpses of white butterflies fluttering around the flowers that grew on the river bank. I smiled to myself, taking in the simplicity and beauty of that moment.

“What are you smiling about?” God asked.

“I don’t know. Just felt like smiling,” I replied.

“Well, smiling for nothing is good,”

“You sure you don’t consider me a mad man for smiling for no reason?” I asked God.

God laughed and replied, “Define madness,”

I thought for a bit and then replied, “Madness is when someone behaves out of the ordinary. Am I right?”

God replied, “There’s no right or wrong. Infact, what exactly is madness? Lunacy, craziness, obsession, madness. Everyone’s mad in their own way. Some are mad for wealth, some are mad for women and power, some are mad for love, some for God, some for material objects, some are just mad at something or someone for no reason. Mad, mad, mad. It’s a mad world.”

There was silence as we drifted slowly in the river. “So everyone’s mad?”

“You can put it that way,” God said.

“But isn’t that scary? Everyone’s mad in their own ways,”

“It can be if you choose to be afraid. It can be hilarious if you look at it in a funny way,” God said.

“Then how do YOU look at it?” I asked God.

“I don’t look at it,”

I edged closer to God’s neck, his feathers soft underneath my feet. “If you don’t look, then what do you do?”

Without a pause, God answers me, “I feel it. Madness has always been there, it all depends on what are you mad about,”

I thought about it, and then replied, “Then what do you think I should be mad about?”

God laughed and said, “Well that depends on you. You choose,”

I kept silent, pondering on what he said as we continued traveling in the beautiful crystal clear river.

“I think I’ve chosen,” I finally said.


I smiled but I didn’t reply. God then turned his long neck to me and said, “Want to fly?”


He spread his wings and off we went high above into the clouds. Below I could see the river and the green forest. I hung on close to God’s neck as he flew swiftly, magnificently.

As we flew, I felt the feathers on God’s neck tickling my cheeks. It was beautiful, feeling the cold breeze and the warm feathers at the same time.



“I love you,”

“I love you too,” God replied.

As I held tight to God’s neck, I pondered to myself. I suppose I’m mad too. Mad for love. Mad with love. Madly in love. Just plain mad. And it’s a beautiful feeling.

With my decision, we flew towards the setting sun, leaving behind the illusionary world beneath us.




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