God, Me and a Swan

God and me finished the last remaining mangoes under the mango tree.

“Lets take a walk shall we?” God said as he cleaned his hands up by wiping them using a handkerchief. He passed the handkerchief to me and I too, proceeded to wipe my hands off the stains the mangoes left on my fingers.

We started walking along the green path, away from the mango tree when we chanced upon a beautiful crystal clear stream with yellow ducklings swimming in it. The mother duck lead her little ones.

Observing the beautiful form of the mother duck, I asked God, “What’s your true form?” He replied, “Anything you imagine me to be.” I asked him, “If I imagined you to be a duck, would you appear as one?”

He nodded his head, “Yes.”

“Okay, turn into a duck then.”

God stopped walking, turned to grin at me mischievously and said, “”Sukhbir, you’re supposed to imagine, not order me to turn into one. Close your eyes.”

I closed my eyes.

“Now imagine” I could hear him say in the darkness. I imagined a beautiful form of a duck floating in the river. The beak gold, the eyes dark with kindness and the feathers gleaming in silver.
“Open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes to a magnificent form of a white swan before me. Astounded, I asked God, “Why didn’t you turn into a duck as I imagined you to?” God replied, “You placed lot of effort in imagining me to be a duck, I could only do the same.”

Still taking in the beauty of the swan, I replied, “I’m afraid I don’t get you..”

God floated closer to me in his swan form and said, “The strongest prayer of all is imagining. Imagine.”

He then spread his wings and said, “Come, let’s travel through the river now. Forget about the scooter.”

I sat on top of the magnificent swan and we set sail in the river leaving the mango tree behind.




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