Flight 11:11

“All aboard?” The ship attendant yells.

“Aye! Aye, Captain!” Everyone replies.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking.” The Captain says over the microphone.

“Welcome aboard Flight Ascension 11:11. We just took off from the 3rd Dimension and we’re now slowly heading towards the 5th. There might be some slight turbulence here and there, but rest assured we’ve got an experienced crew. The stewardess would take care of your comforts. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight!”

I sit back in the chair. My right leg shaking a little out of anxiety.

“First time flying, sir?” A beautiful stewardess asks me, as she buckles my seatbelt.


“Nothing to worry. The flight is safe.” She smiles and leaves.

I take a deep breath in. My right leg still shaking.

“Hey,” I feel someone nudging me on my left. I turn around to see a 7 year old sitting next to me.

“You scared?” He asks me innocently.

“Yeah.” I say to him.


“Because, I have never flown before. I don’t know if we would land safely or what if the plane crashes?” I ask, panicking. I can sense my heart beating faster.

The kid laughs. “You crazy? BIYS is the strongest plane model ever!”

“What is BIYS?”

” Belief In Your Self.” He says. He looks at my semi-confused face and starts laughing.

I stare at the little fellow who was holding his tummy, giving away hearty laugh. The little one made a lot of sense. And as I laugh together with him at my stupidity, the plane soars above the sky and I see the Bigger Picture.

Don’t mind that fellow snoring next to you 🙂



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