Hey Bapa,


Work was great today. I think. Okay no, actually it was alright. It was a little boring but I found it a good learning experience. I learnt to edit using this software called Final Cut Pro (it only works on Mac) but nevertheless, compared to Movie Maker, this one’s wayyy better.


I didn’t find it that challenging to learn the basic. But there’s still lots to learn. My “boss” is Chelian (I know, it’s a funny name but apparently it’s a classic typical Tamil name). He’s quite a down to earth person and there’s a language barrier to communicate (he’s english is bad and my malay’s bad so… yeah). However each of us both try to communicate using sign language, a mixture of rojak English and Malay and we eventually get the message across.


Funny thing is, for these past few days I’ve been wanting to get a dog (I know you won’t be too happy about that but the house been quiet lately and is in dire need of some loud noise). I walked out to get myself lunch (only had enough cash for a loaf of bread but that was great) when I spotted this pet shop a few blocks away from my “office”.


I went inside and met this wonderful person named Sukie (I know a Japanese sounding name for a Chinese girl) and apparently she’s selling male Beagles (with Certificate and Champion breed) for RM 1150. That’s quite a bargain don’t you think?


So I told her to update me regarding the status of the dog (which is around 3 months old aprox.) and she said she’ll get back to me. She took down my number and gave me her card.


I need a friend Pa. It’s been quite lonely here..


Anyways, the office is very welcoming and cosy. Chelian has a bunch of computers and he said I can use the iMac to edit videos. So today, after observing him, he asked me to try out Final Cut Pro by passing me some old wedding videos of his clients (don’t worry, he has the final copy with him). I did some experiments with the videos here and there and came up with a funny video (inserted some reverse effects and all). I think I’m getting a hang of it.


Give me a week. I’ll master it. And then maybe I’ll start helping Chelian to edit his videos.


Miss you standing by the entrance of the door and welcoming me by saying, “So? How was it?”.


Miss you old man..


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