Falling In & Out of Love


I saw this two couple in a park the other day. And they were sitting close to each other when the guy got closer and pecked the girl on the cheeks.


The girl blushed and responded by kissing him on his cheeks as well.


And then he removed a few strands of her hair from her face and whispered, “I love you.”


And she held his hands and whispered, “No but I love you more.”


“I love you more than you.” He smiled and countered.


“No no. I love you even more” the girl countered.


“I love you more than anything!”


“I love you much more than anything” The girl was breathless.


“I love you much much more than anything and everything!” He was saying it aloud this time.


“I love you with infinity!” The girl screamed.


Getting frustrated the guy answered, “Fuck off! I love you more. Period!"


“Hey! Fuck YOU! I love you more!”


“Shut the hell up bitch! I love you more than you fucking love me okay!”


“Well I obviously love you more than you do because all the time it’s me who waits patiently waiting for your stupid smses while you fucking go play futsal with your friends!”


“Owhh fuck off! I love you more because I always have to put up with your God damn PMS shit!”


“Fuck you!”


“Fuck YOU too!!”


They both sat next to each other silently. And then the girl replied, “I think it’s best we break up.”


3 thoughts on “Falling In & Out of Love”

  1. Oooooohh my gosshhhh!!! is this true dude…?? feel like crying!!! :'( love is damn unpredictable… but still no matter what happen, i wont easily give in… i'll fight for what i love…!!! <3 🙂

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