Facebooked or Bookfaced


“Bro! Guess what lar!" was Bala’s greeting as i hopped into his car a few weeks back.


“What bro?”


He grinned and then said, “You know Uncle Billy Fong?”


“Billy Fong?” I was trying to do a memory search in my brain.


“Aiyoo that one lar… ‘From street dog to street light!’ Our big boss, the head of the Malaysian Sai Movement!”


“Owhhh!!! That Uncle! Yes bro, what about him?” I replied.


“Bro” Bala tried to suppress his laughter. He swallowed and then paused and then continued, throughout the whole time trying his best not to burst out laughing.


“He’s on Facebook!”


I stared at him in disbelief.


“He’s on Facebook dude!” Bala said again to make sure i heard him.


“You serious??” I replied.


“Yes bro! Serious! I added him! He even has a picture of himself in there lar!”


“Oooookay…” I took a deep breath.


There was silence for a moment or two. I broke the silence.


“Bro, now the usage of the “F” word in Facebook is officially banned.”


Bala sighed. “Yes bro”


“We have to think before we write or do anything on Facebook” i continued.


“Yeah man..” he sighed again.


“There goes my freedom to write notes with bad words in them..” I sighed.


“There goes my freedom to share any good rock music…” He sighed.


“There goes my freedom to message on any girl’s wall…” I sighed.


We both sighed for a long time in the car.


“Don’t worry bro. I’m sure it happened for a good reason.” I consoled Bala. To be honest, i was trying to console myself.


“Yeah man… let’s listen to some Rage Against the Machines” Bala placed the CD in and the speakers blasted out heavy metal music.




Fast forward a month later (today, June the 7th 2009) my centre chairman, too, joined Facebook.


I’m thinking of deleting my account now.


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