It’s been a week now since I’ve been smoking only one stick a day. I’m very happy and proud of my resilience and patience. It has also been almost 2 weeks since I’ve been meditating at the same time diligently πŸ™‚

The other day Bala came along with me and we meditated together. Both of us were really at bliss.

Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can feel my Father and Swami. And I now know they both have merged and are One and at Peace. I’m too at Peace.

I always knew that everything that happens to us happens for a good higher purpose driven reason. But I now believe in it πŸ™‚

I also understand that we can never really get back or find our old good selves but the drive and will and the process of finding our old self will ultimately lead us to find our real true self which is far greater, far superior than the old self in terms of understanding the workings of the Universe, Love and Peace.

Yesterday a friend of mine posted a video. The 10 Signs of a Spritual Awakening. Apparently these are the most common 10 signs and there are more than a 100 signs. I’ve experienced atleast 3 of them.

The Universe is us in actual fact. If we listen closely and observe attentively we can understand and feel that we are one with it.

I’m also starting to see a little bit of “colors” when I meditate. Mostly green and sometimes pink and very rarely yellow or white glares. I don’t know what they represent but I think it’s a good sign.

I’m also no longer afraid of going deeper into meditation and yesterday I felt asthough i was on top of a tower, observing my body from above, and my body was extremely tiny and insignificant. I felt deeply humbled. But that is only as far as I can go for now.

I understand that there are many levels to meditation and what I’m experiencing are just the low levels. There’s still a lot of work to do. However, I’m very much at peace at myself and the world and I feel this immense energy of love and bliss from time to time.

I love you all very very very much πŸ™‚



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