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I just realised something as I’m sitting in the train that totally makes sense why the dream took place at UCSI of all places (read the previous post about the dream). I had been wondering why of all places UCSI?

We met Doctor Sola who is also a doctor as well as a person who speaks to Devas (angels, arch angels etc) and travels astrally. He advised us that every night before we go to bed, we should seek guidance from our personal Devas (we all have our own personal Devas/angels assigned to us). Ask them to take us to a school in the astral level while we’re asleep and teach us something regarding sprituality.

And I had been doing that every night without fail ever since I got back from Parthi and honestly, every morning I wake up, i have this feeling of fulfillment. The type you get where if you’ve done your homework or read a good book.

So anyways I usually pray to Swami (my Master) and also to the Devas to teach me spiritual lessons on the astral level in a school while I’m asleep.

And I think and I believe, that’s one of the reasons why UCSI was chosen as the location for the dream to happen (since it’s a form of school as well) and I also believe that it was just not a dream but probably, I might have travelled astrally (I’m just assuming) and the way everything took place in the dream was just like how a Master and his disciple meets.

Doctor Sola also mentioned that whatever we see in the physical level is the same as the astral level. Time and weather plays a role there too. Which means, if it’s night in Parthi now and if I travel astrally to Parthi now, i would experience night as well.

And both the astral realm and physical realms coexist.

Do check out www.devasunlimited.com to learn about this. There are some interesting podcasts you can download and listen to in your free time on how to contact your personal devas/angels.

Sukhbir 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dream Explained”

  1. This is something new to me! Never had any deep thoughts or analyzing regarding dreams such as this! yes yes, and it all make sense, so as my dreams!

  2. And do you know, have you ever felt that sensation where you're falling and falling and then you wake up just the moment you land on the ground? That's your soul astral travelling and it's coming back into your physical body. Doctor Sola explained this to us. Amazing stuff 🙂

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