Dream 6.45/7am


I was in a cave like environment. It had the feeling and urgency of a Buddhist monastery. I could see a bunch of Buddhist kids wearing these bright maroon robes and I was one of them.


I can’t recall if they were kids but my feeling told me they were. And I was one of the kids. However, I didn’t had the same features I had now. I was more.. Chinese or probably Tibetan like.


The head of the monks, the chief or whoever you call it, strips me down my robe and tells me that I’m no longer a monk and I’m banished from the monastery forever. I could see everyone around me giving me these looks of hate. Like as though I had done something terrible in the monastery for me to be banished like that.


I felt this sudden tinge of guilt and regret and longing.


And then I woke up.


Dream was at 6. 45 am or 7 am. I think I just revisited my past life Confused smile


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