Dream. 6.30 AM


We were driving in our blue Datsun, slowly cruising up and then down the hill which lead to Thivy Jaya and I could see the front from the backseat that my mum was driving it and she was talking to my dad.


The conversations they had were of the usual type they used to have at home. I didn’t understand what they used to speak or even bother taking notice but I guess that was what kept their relationship alive.


That feeling I got… seeing both my parents talking, it reminded me of this same feeling I had way before my dad’s passing. Security.


And then, it struck me, “Wait a minute. My dad’s dead. How can he come back alive?”


I stood on my knees (I could actually stand on my knees in the car) and could see my dad’s head and the his white eyebrows and everything about that dream was in detail right from the cars passing us to the sound of “whoosh” from the open window, to our hair dancing in the wind. And I could hear myself say in my head, “Life’s a dream.”


I placed my hands on my dad’s shoulders and asked, “Are you okay?”


He smiled and said, “Yeah I’m okay.”


My dad then asked, “What are servers?”



“Yeah servers. What are they?”


Funnily, in that dream I was an IT genius who then proceeded to explain to my dad what were servers and how they help us host servers to go to the internet etc.


“Amazing.” he said.


And then it started raining as we were making our drive downwards towards Shamniss and Thivy Jaya.


The weather was as though it was around 4 in the evening, gloomy and everything was brownish.


I could even see the details of the droplets of rain falling on the windshield.


My dad looked at the hills (you can see hills if you drive on that street far away into the horizon) and he did the exact same thing Swami did. He did the Namaskar to the hills.


And I woke up.


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