Dream 12.30 p.m.


I had been feeling a little disorientated and ill lately and I suppose that feeling amplified. So much so I had started to question my beliefs and principles in life.


Again, dreams regarding Swami are always vivid and real.


I dreamt that I was queuing up for food. Apparently there was a huge buffet going on, and Swami had given a feast. While we were being served food, Swami came to us to check if we were taking the food.


To some of us, he urged us to put more rice or gravy.


There was a Chinese man infront of me and Swami looks at him and speaks to him in Chinese. They communicated for a bit and then Swami says, “You must try this rice. It’s from the exact ingredient used to bake Pow.”


The Chinese man nods and takes the rice and then pours Dhal onto his food. Swami looks and says, “That’s all? Only Dhal? Try the other gravy.”


The man says, “Owh no Swami, too spicy.”


Swami laughs.


Here’s where I failed to mention, prior to this dream sequence, I had another where I had fallen ill and Bala got me a RM 1000 pendant which had  the face of a Punjabi saint (he looked like a warrior saint). In the dream Bala tells me to wear the pendant and who knows, it might make me get well. The saints name was Inderjit.


Now back to the dream, Swami looks at me smiles and asks me, “How are you?”


“Not so good Swami. I’m not well. I’ve been feeling lethargic.”


“I see.. I see..” Then Swami chances upon my pendant. He asks me, “What’s that?”


“Owh! Pendant Swami, a friend gave. I’m not well so this might help.”


Swami points at it and says, “No, remove it.”


“But Swami! It’s expensive Rm 1000 pendant!”


“Remove it! When you have me, you don’t need any pendants. Remove it! I’m your pendant.”


And then everything got blurry. I had 2 dreams of Him back to back, but unfortunately I can’t recall the second dream.


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