Dream 10.15 a.m.


It felt so vivid and real. And it felt like it had happened before and every action I saw was just as it was.


Sangkaran, Navin & myself were in UCSI for some reason when Swami comes to us. He was seated at the bus stop at UCSI, on his favorite throne like chair. I can’t remember how the dream began but I do remember Swami sitting on his chair, majestically and beautifully and then He looks at all three of us, smiles and says, “Today, my students are going to perform a play for you. But this play is a little different. It’s on a big scale. Go out, and go watch the play and then come back and tell me what you think of it.”


So, Sangkaran, Navin and me walked out from UCSI and we stood in an alleyway (which resembled very much like the ones you see in New York) and we waited. And then the “play” began. We saw people getting into taxis and cars. People rushing to work and home. People being people. We witnessed the play of Life. 


At first I didn’t know what it meant. So after the play was done, we went back to Swami at UCSI. And by then a handful of crowd had gathered around Swami since Swami was sitting and waiting patiently for us.


We arrived and He asked, “Ahh! So how was the play?”


“It was nice Swami! Your students are very talented.” We replied.


And then I can’t remember what He said, but He was like a Master, a very down to earth Master who rose from his chair and approached us closer, and we asked Him questions. I forgot the questions I asked.


But I remember Swami looking at me sternly and saying, “You always want shining shining pendants. Do you know what shining pendant mirror objects mean?”

”No Swami.”


“Everything is reflection. Everything is you. You want everything. You want this. You want that. You want this and that” And Swami gestures as though He was picking things up.


“Want…” Swami says and the He continues, “Is very bad.”


By then, for some reason, I don’t know why but out of nowhere Sangkaran approaches Swami with a basket and says, “Swami, I got some pendants (they looked more like keychains) of my country. I want to wear it. What should I wear?”


Swami looks at all the pendant depicting Malaysia and the patriotic slogans in it, and quite remarkably, He points at 1Malaysia. He says, “I would have chosen the other one, but this one is very important. Unity.”


I know Swami and me had a good teacher and student chat. We chatted about a lot of things and in my dream I asked and joked a lot. We both laughed like we knew each other so long. There was even a part where I said something funny and Swami jokingly became angry and I held Swami’s hand and said, “Owh Swami don’t be that way! I love you Swami!”


And we held hands. It was all pure love. 


However, I don’t remember the conversations we had. They appeared long and blissful but all I can remember is, I asked Swami one final question.


I looked at Swami and asked, “Swami I have a question. If Life is a play, a drama for fun and the fact is true that You and me are no different, then why did I (or We) created this unnecessary drama? It’s so tiring..” And when I said that, I start to cry. Swami didn’t say a thing, all He did was smile blissfully as he always does.


And then I woke up. The time was 10.21 am, as I was still reeling in shock and bliss on the bed.


One of the most vivid dreams about Swami by far.


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