“How can she do that to her husband??” my mother yells.


“How do i know?? She should know herself!” my father yells back.


“This is so disgusting! I can’t believe she did this. I feel so ashamed of her!” my mother was fuming with rage.


“Stupid lady” my dad chimes in.


“After everything her husband did for her, she still had the cheek to do such a thing. Unbelievable!” my mother laments.


“The world has become such a terrible place” my father shakes his head.


“And it seems the mother inlaw is also supporting the son.”


“As a Mother inlaw, she is the blood mother of the son after all, so of course she will support him no matter what the stupid son does” my father argues.


“Something has to be donelah! Or else how can like that?”


“I also don’t knowlah. I’ve given up hope on this fellow” my father places his hands on his head as a mark of a defeat.


I observed them both silently. I then turned my head at the television set that was playing a Hindi drama at the time and then back at them. They were both clearly frustrated and disturbed.


That’s when i broke the silence, “Fellas, it’s just a Hindi TV drama serial! Chill out! Relax! Why tension?? It’s all scripted!”


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