The Story of Jo

Once, in the soundless darkness that could not be seen or felt, Jo felt so much in love with himself that he decided to do the only thing he could do; expand.


And expand he did. He created himself and from himself the stars, the sun, the planets, and in those planets, there came the vast ocean and then rivers streamed and from there vegetation started to sprout and hills and mountains came. And from the hills and mountains and rivers and vegetation, animals came into being and finally men.


Now, everything was Jo. And all these vegetation, these oceans, these rivers, hills and mountains and animals and men knew they were Jo and part of Jo and they loved Jo and themself.


Jo felt at bliss and at peace to see himself loving himself. It was beautiful for everything he had “created” were in love with themselves.


And then as time went by, love became superficial and everything except the intellectuals who were men started to doubt love and soon as time went by, they started to doubt Jo.


There came a point when men even doubted the existence of Jo. And then men started loving themselves selfishly. They only cared for themselves and nothing else. Love became something materialistic.


Men started searching for love. They started chopping off trees and killing animals. And soon, they started killing themselves. Wars were waged. People forgot about Jo.


And Jo was upset. He said to himself, it’s time to become One again. And then he called upon a great calamity. Volcanoes erupted, earthquakes broke earth apart, storms brewed and meteors fell on earth like pebbles falling on broken floors.


And then everything was destroyed and in that destruction everything fused and Jo was back with himself again in the soundless darkness that could not be seen or felt. And yet again, Jo being Jo, felt at peace and at bliss. And he felt love. Jo was love.


And then one day, Jo felt so much of love that he expanded again.


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