Waking up at 11 and staring at the white ceiling and fan until mother comes and gives me a cup of milk and cleans me up (as I had pissed on myself), changed me and propped me onto the sofa to watch the morning cartoons can be quite a drag. Especially the long wait for mother to change me. However, the morning cartoons, that’s the only thing I enjoy about my routine life.


Once the cartoon’s are over, I end up watching boring shows and silly soapy soap operas on television while mum sits next to me, ensuring that I don’t fall off the chair.


And once that’s done, it’s time for lunch and again mum puts me onto her lap, feeds me porridge, cleans me up and puts me back onto the sofa again. This time, she turns on the radio as well. I like things to be organised. She also places an alarm clock nearby as I enjoy hearing the bell go and taking the effort to shut the alarm clock down. And in my hand, she gives me a noisy toy as I enjoy hearing the funny sounds it makes as I shake it.


This goes on until dinner. Mum baths me, changes me, puts me on her lap, feeds me dinner and then I’m back on the sofa to watch the news. I don’t understand what’s going on but I enjoy seeing the various things happening on the television.


And then it’s time to go to bed. Mum sleeps next to me and I soon fall asleep too after hearing the National Anthem being played on the radio at sharp 12. For me, it’s a must to hear the National Anthem before going to bed. Once I hear it and mum turns off the radio, slowly, dreams take over reality and I’m soon in deep sleep.


Morning comes and I wake up at 11 and the whole routine continues again.


I’m Upi, 25 years of age and I’m an Autistic as well as a Cerebral Palsy patient. This is my life. This is exactly what I did today. I hope you have a great day.


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