The Divine Dreamer

“My Guru, awake in God, knew this world to be nothing but an objectivized dream of the Creator.”

-An Autobiography of a Yogi

Through pain and tears I was born into this world into a poor family with hardly enough food to eat for one meal a day.


I grew thin and unhealthy and yet, as a dutiful son, I tended the fields, helped my parents, search and scoured for money as though I was a grown healthy man at the age of 8. The rich were richer, the poor were poorer.


Soon, by the age of 18, I got married to my wife and she bore me 6 children. Life became a routine. I searched and scoured for money even harder to feed my 6 children. My wife, being a dutiful wife stayed at home and managed the home. I searched for bread to eat. At times, I felt, there was no difference between being an animal and being me. The mother fox goes out in search of food leaving her cubs in the hideout. Similarly, I leave my home in search of food, leaving my 6 starving children in our damp, dirty, dusty tent like house.


And then, there came a day when I met an accident and lost both my legs. My wife now became the soul bread winner of the family, searching and scouring for money to feed and educate my 6 children.


Soon, 10 years passed and my eldest son became a doctor and he started looking after my family. From a tent, we moved into an apartment. And by the time my third son became a lawyer, we moved into a bungalow.


Life blossomed. Life was good. All my 6 children were educated and both my wife and me were very happy.


And then she passed away, leaving me tending myself with the help of a nurse. My 6 children were too busy to look after me as they said, “Since we’re well off, our job is much tougher. We got to work hard to keep the money trickling in.” They have a point there and I did not say anything.


And then one day I fell sick. And a month later I passed away.


Slowly as I got accustomed to the new familiar surrounding, I woke up to a bright light, I realised that I had been dreaming all along. And I felt at peace and at bliss at mySelf. I’m Awake now and fully aware of mySelf. Oh! What a divine dreamer I am.


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