The classes had begun as Sarah walked in 5 minutes late into the lecture hall. She glanced upon an empty seat at the first aisle and walked towards it, and sat.


“You’re late again Sarah.” Melissa turned and whispered to Sarah.


“Sorry! The KTM’s unreliable.” Sarah made an innocent face. Melissa rolled her eyes and turned to the lecturer who went on rambling something about “Media and Law”.


“What a bitch..” Maya said.


“She’s fine. She’s just concerned that’s all” Sarah replied.


“Really? A good friend never rolls her eyes. I think she failed to understand you as a friend.”


“Shuuu I want to focus!” Sarah replied.


Moments passed and Maya made another effort. “No but really. Let’s talk.”


Sarah sighed. “Okay fine, what do you want to talk about?”


“What kind of friend Melissa really is?”


“A very good friend.”


“Do you remember that one time when she backstabbed about you?” Maya asked.


“Past is past, Maya. Forget it.”


“How can you be so stupid to forget it? It hurt you so badly and now this “friend” is rolling her eyes over your predicament. I can only imagine her scoffing at you if you’re going through some trouble.”


Sarah kept silent. Maya did have a point. Melissa, although she had been Sarah’s friend all these years, they had their misunderstandings. And sometimes the things that Melissa do did hurt Sarah badly.


“So what do i do?” Sarah broke the silence.


Maya thought for a while. The lecturer droned on. And then she replied, “Kill her.”




“Yes. Kill her with your ball pen. Stab her neck. Stab it hard. She’ll die instantly.”


“But everyone will know it’s me who killed Melissa!”


“So what?? Atleast you’ll feel good about killing her. And what have the people got to do between you and Melissa?” Maya said.


Sarah thought for a while. She stared at the blue ball pen in her fingers. Maya had a point..


“Just do it. Kill her. Now.”


She raised her hands and stabbed Melissa in the neck killing her instantly.



“You said Maya was the one who persuaded you to kill Melissa, but where is she?” the Inspector Rahim screamed at Sarah.

“She was seated next to me! I swear!” Sarah broke down.

“Bull shit! We checked the student records and there’s no student by the name Maya!” Inspector Rahim banged the table, so much so it shuddered.

Sarah sobbed. The silence was only broken by her stifles and moans. Rahim sighed and stared at the only source of light in the dark interrogation room, the light bulb.

“I swear Maya was the one who persuaded me..” Sarah pleaded again.

Rahim drew a chair and stared at Sarah’s eyes. “I’m giving you one more day to tell me the honest truth. If I don’t get the honest answer by tomorrow, I’ll have to do everything to bring it out. And I swear you’re not going to like what I’m going to do to you.”

With that he signalled at the two policemen nearby to drag Sarah to her cell.


Sarah sat hunched in the corner of her dark cell. It stank of urine and shit. A rat passed Sarah but Sarah who was alone in the cell, was too oblivious to realise the rat scurrying around. And that’s when she heard Maya’s voice.

“So. How did it go?” and her cackling laughter filled the entire cell.


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