Meard Ytilaer

Hearing the crisp clear sound of the recipient’s voice over on the other side on a phone. The voice booming and it feels like as though he’s talking next to you.


The fan is on number three and yet you feel like you’re in ice land. You feel your heart beating and soon the impulse transfers from your arm, slowly pulsating as it travels over your shoulder and then to your neck and back to your left arm and then back into your heart. It shuts the door and throws the key away.


The sound of the chain rattling as the pet dog scratches itself sounds like the majestic sounds of a thousand elephants marching onto the battlefield. Marching at top speed and non stop.


Hearing someone telling you something and you wonder to yourself how come the topic has changed? You start feeling paranoid and shut the door behind you as you stare through the window hoping no one sees you.


The memories of yesterday and today seem like distant space. And the future however holds many Dejavus. You ask yourself, “Hey I remember seeing this.” And you keep asking yourself the same question over and over again.


And at times you wonder to yourself if you’re sane or insane. And if life’s a dream or reality.


And one day you will wake up to realise you’ve only been having a bad dream. That all these were just part of your dreams. You become yourSelf once more.


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