Selva and the Cat

Selva was a well respected priest who knew the scriptures and prayers for the deities by hard. Every morning, he rose at 3, did his prayers and went to the temple to offer his services. He was a temple priest and many villagers would come to him for advice.


He believed in one thing though and he believed it with all his might. The law of Karma. He believed in not hurting others, lest someone hurts you back. He feared in sinning. The problem was, he took it too seriously. So much so, that one day he found a stray cat at the doorstep of his house one morning, shivering and crying out for food.


He gave the cat a few crumbs of bread but never took it inside. He believed that if something dies in your house, it would be sinful. And Karma would soon haunt you. So, he took a warm blanket, placed it on the weak cat, left it that way and went to temple.


In the temple, he did offer his prayers for the cat. However, when he got back home, he found the cat dead. A stray dog had bit it and it had died.


The next morning however, Selva didn’t wake up. He had died in his sleep.


As he made his way in the white light, he heard a booming voice deep within him.


“Selva! What have you done?”


Sensing it was God, Selva knelt and said, “What did I do My Lord?”


“Why didn’t you bring the cat into the house?”


“My Lord, the cat was sick and it was on the verge of dying. So I thought, had I brought it in, it would have died in the house and Karma would fall upon me. I would have committed a sin.”


At this, God laughed and said, “Selva, Selva. What a fool you are. Had you not left the cat outside, the cat would have been alive. Fearing the cat dying in the house and accumulating more sin, you ended up dying in your own house and you still accumulated the Karma/sin of not keeping the cat safe. What a fool you are Selva. Instead of believing in Karma and sin, believe in Me. I’m beyond all that.”


At this Selva hung his head low in shame and continued walking in the endless white light.


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