Creators of Realities / Multi-Dimensionality

Creators of Realities.

We are them. The same. Each one magically creating a reality which then projects itself, manifesting as events in Life. Each one of us is creating a Reality of our own.

Which explains so much on why time and time again, Great Masters like the Buddha, Jesus, the Prophet (PBUH), Krishna, Rama, Sai Baba, Swami Vivekananda, Rumi etc etc constantly emphasize us to have only Positive thoughts.

The Great Awakening / Homecoming

I wish people took this to heart and truly practice it. It works wonders.

Many living in the 3rd Dimensional world, which is this separateness, the idea of an identity, belonging, attachment, can never fully grasp the beauty of these ideas which these Masters relayed.

To understand the power of Positive thoughts, one has to experience it first hand. You can try various experiments on yourself or even on people on objects to see the results for your self. Or one can always Google Masaru Emoto, a Japanese energy scholar who conducted extensive experiments of thoughts influencing water.

Nearly 50-60% of our body holds water. Which explains the power of thoughts influencing not only our body, but mind and soul.

To understand the power of Thoughts, we have to first understand how they influence us.

Now, there are 9 Dimensions, also known as Multi-Dimensionality. The ones who vibrate lower than 3D frequency (through their thoughts) are constantly living in Fear and with lack of Love.

War-torn countries are a good example. Disaster prone countries are another.

Our thoughts dictate the events happening and to happen in our lives.

Which explains why many Masters constantly talk about controlling the Mind. Keeping it under control through meditation, prayers, readings of Holy Texts. The idea is to discipline and nurture this Mind, which most of the time behaves like a dog, despite on leash, leading its owner helter and skelter.

To be the Master is to Master the Mind. I forgot who said this, but it makes perfect sense.

Remember those three monkeys? See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil? They should change the three from covering their eyes, mouth and ears in fear with images of four monkeys just being themselves and having a good time.

They should be; See Good, Hear Good, Speak Good but start Thinking Good first!

Our Thoughts leads to what we will say and do. So, all said and done, if you’re mad at someone, for some reason, despite how good you are at faking it, that person would consciously know.

Creation / Order in Chaos

Power of Thoughts and the Mind.

So what happens when you do somehow sort of control the Mind?

You experience multi-dimensionality. There are 9 Dimensions as I’ve mentioned.

These “Dimensions” are actually simply the state of the Mind.

Animals, lesser beings and even us, vibrate with 3D and below. The 3D is a state of the Mind where the Mind believes in the Past, the Future but pays extremely less attention to the Present.

Which brings us to the 4th Dimension. Our imaginations, day dreams, past memories, creativity, hopes and dreams are stored here.

Ever drive a car, and start imagining things or start thinking? That is you, driving a car in the 3rd Dimension but visiting the vault of your Mind in the 4th Dimension.

Think of 4D as a huge massive library filled with books ranging from Spirituality and Goodness to “How to Make a Bomb” or “How to Commit Suicide”. The 4D is, after all a library where good books and bad books are just, books. When we sleep and dream, we experience the 4D despite us being in the 3D fast asleep.

Folks who have great control of their Mind are able to penetrate this exhaustive 4D library and come out with some amazing stuff. But to be able to do this, one has to discipline the Mind.

In order to shoot an arrow on target, one has to steady the arm.

Writers, musicians, poets, artists, painters, thinkers, folks who meditate and do Yoga are able to delve deeper into the 4D and they know what they wish to find and seek. People with clairvoyance are constantly vibrating in this level. The eccentrics and differently-abled people too. Why? Because 4D is all about Imagination and Creativity. This is the Devil’s / God’s workshop (depending on what you choose to believe in).

But wait, it doesn’t end there. 5D is the Dimension of the Witness. The Ego Breaking Dimension. Where, one sees people and objects as they are but are not affected nor do they bother much about the external realm. To them, they’re very much happy observing from the Internal perspective.

It is like watching a movie. You cry when there is a sad scene and you laugh when there is hilarity. But once the movie ends, that’s that. A Witness can be considered the Audience to a play manifesting before him. A Spectator in the game of Life. People often confuse this with feeling numb. Feeling numb is totally the opposite. You pretend not to care but deep down you do and you’re in constant pain. In the 5D, you care but you allow and let go because you know that whatever it is, is but a passing cloud and all would end well.


The Witness or the 5th Dimensional can choose to partake in the events of the 3rd Dimensional. But he or she only does so when the Need arises. And not when the Want.

These folks are far beyond the materialistic realm and much prefer to live in absolute simplicity and with the needed things to survive. A good toothbrush, soap, clothing and roof on the head. In other words, they live truly, without worries and are absolutely happy.

The 6th Dimension is where complete Love comes in and from then on, the intensity of this feeling flows all the way to the 9th and final dimension.

Those in the 6th Dimension exude so much of Positivity and Love. So much so folks vibrating on the 3rd Dimension get attracted to them. But that only happens when the Soul of the 3rd Dimensional beings, desire to vibrate in higher dimensions.

Those vibrating lesser than 3D often don’t realise the presence of these 6th Dimensional being. Although this person vibrating in a 6th Dimensional frequency may be sitting opposite the 3D being, if the latter is not receptive to his frequency, he may not realise this person’s presence.

This also technically explains the Law of Attraction. You only receive when you ask.

Ultimately, when one comes to the 9th Dimension, even this idea of a Multi-Dimensional world ceases to exist.

The Awakened 21st Century Buddha
/ Head in the Forest, Body in the World

Infact, everything Is.

But we have to start somewhere and the Mind, seems to be the best place to begin the “search” for our true Selves.

Think Positive. Be Willing to Learn and Experience. And just be Happy. Take Life as a good movie. Enjoy the process of directing your Life, being an Extra in it and most importantly, Witnessing the events unfold happily. Awaken to your True Self.

Have fun Dear Creator of Reality 🙂


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