Creatio de Genesis


“Everything you see, hear, touch, taste and feel, was created through the fragment of your very own imagination.”


Once again, everything was dark and silent. Nothing lived nor nothing died. It was just me. Alone, myself. I felt contented. I felt at bliss. But that was it. I had immense love. Just love. Time stopped existing. So did space. Nothing existed. Nothing was something.


And then, one day, I decided to experience the love for myself. To experience the joy of love. The joy a mother bird feels when it feeds her younglings. Like a little child who plays with his toys, absorbed in his own world of imagination, I too, like a child, was absorbed in my own imagination. The imagination called creation.


With that one thought, I then created the universe. The planets. The stars and the moon. Time started to exist once again. Space came into play. There were comets and asteroids and suns and moons. Galaxies after galaxies. Everything out of love. I thirst that love. I want to experience it.


I created the earth, the plants, the mighty sea, the ocean creatures, the misty mountains, the rivers, the animals, the birds, the fishes, and men. I created men.


I soon started experiencing the love that I had kept within myself, through myself. Through the form of all these wondrous creation that was I. Everything that could feel, see, hear, touch, taste and even think, was I. It was me in the end.


I felt the joy of the mother goose feeding her younglings. I felt the bliss of the mother elephant caressing her baby. I felt the love of a man felt for a woman. Love.


And as time progressed, I started forgetting my purpose. I, in the form of men started forgetting my purpose. I started forgetting my purpose. I started to question. I started to think. I started to talk. I started to discuss. I started to argue. I started to fight. And, in the end, I started to learn to kill.


I started killing myself. I started hating. I started betraying. I stopped loving.


I started dividing and I started conquering. I created religions and countries and continents. I created vast armies and battalions. I created gas chambers and powerful nuclear bombs. I created the very facet that I was afraid of creating. Hatred.


I started hating myself instead of loving..


And then, one day, just like that, I could not take it anymore because I’ve had enough, I decided to call it off. Like a child tossing his toys away once he’s done, I too tossed everything.


Earthquakes shattered the planets to pieces. Comets hit the moon. The sun explodes, it’s fire and heat engulfing everything else in it’s way. Men died. Plants withered. The ocean dried up.


And then… and then everything stopped existing. Time stopped. Space served no purpose. Everything was dark and silent again.


Dark and silent for a very long time… I was at bliss.


However, in that long silence, in the absence of time and space, I then, one day, started having the craving to feel the love for myself once again. And then with that one thought, I created the world, the planets, the stars, the moon, the sun…..


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