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They say the sun that you see now is the sun that was 8 minutes ago.

Which means, the Cosmos of now has a delay timer of 8 times. In other words, if you are the Cosmos – to which you truly are – then you have experienced this exact moment 8 gazillion times before.

Which explains why the Universe is expanding. It is collecting and filling itself to the brim with gazillion amount of data in the form of processes and experiences.

This is us on a grand scale

The beauty is that it also opens its doors to an infinite amount of possibilities all narrowed, compacted down to this particular moment, experience and process to which we all label; you and I.

Take this time length for example. There is a time length where you chanced upon this post and read it. There’s one you decide to scroll down. There would be one where you realise what a mind blowing fact this is and like the post. There is one you would leave a comment. There is one you would probably tag a friend or two and share it. And there is also a time length where you never chanced upon this post simply because I chose not to write it. Or you chose not to read it. Or probably you chanced upon it only two years later. Or probably never.

And this is just under the pretext of you experiencing life as a human being on this tiny planet called Earth. In galaxies millions of light years away, you are also experiencing life as an alien entity. Which explains why some dreams appear vivid.

Regardless, you have chosen to take on this particular experience and process. Which also, literally makes you die and born every second.

You’re limitless. You are capable to go beyond time and space.

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And all those moments – obviously are a reverie – are all turned into one tiny insignificant very important part in the drama of life; you.

And life is flowing every second like a river.

Some light years away, we have already evolved that way.

So you see, this also explains dejavu. You have experienced this time length before. Which also explains why certain people seem familiar.

Sometimes you’re thinking of someone and that person calls you on the mobile. You have experienced that moment before to remember and anticipate the moment. Which is why a fraction of second before he or she calls you, you see their image.

It has happened to you hasn’t it? It has happened to all of us simply because you and I are no different.

To put it correctly, we are truly one, however we’re experiencing different façades of you and I.

We all have gone through this before. Time and time again.

The future, though have not been experienced in the 3rd Dimensional pretext, has been experienced in the 10th Dimensional pretext before hand.

So, deep down, everyone of us already know how things would work out deep within and so each one of us, knowing this, can choose to experience an infinite amount of different parallel time lengths.

We’re all Multi-Dimensional beings.

Mind blown!

Which explains why many are confident in doing certain things and are positive to achieve certain stuff. They remember trying it subconsciously before and so visualise that feeling, projecting it to the Universe in their Mind and thus the event has no choice but to manifest itself.

This explains why certain countries, areas, people, families, group of friends, you and I undergo tumultuous and remarkable times. It explains everything and anything about the Collective and Personal Conscious of humans.

We’re interlinked to each other through these chain of events. Each one playing an integral part.

This explains why sometimes when you hold someone dear, you understand what the person is going through despite him or her not telling you. It is because the bond of love is so strong, that the memory of you experiencing him or her and vice versa is strengthened.

Clearly, it has everything to do with our thoughts. And it is way more powerful than an atomic bomb. It was thought that created the Cosmos, honestly.

Ultimately, you and I are verily the whole experience and process put into one perspective itself and viewing the whole Cosmos from our respective identity to see the minuscule and yet the larger picture together in unison.

However, there is no perfect time length. Because if there ever is, all the above would become redundant or robotic and pretentious.

Beauty comes with flaw. And beauty, in the end, lies in the eye of the beholder.

You are not the man admiring the view neither are you the view.
You are both happenings at the same time.

The Truth is ugly but genuine. I suppose, to put it appropriately, this is the missing piece scientist are struggling to understand while Masters of yore (and even human beings of the ancient times) like the ancient Mayans, Buddha, Jesus and a myriad of others understood a long time ago.

They understood that it is futile to make the hardware that we see as the External 3rd Dimensional world perfect without diagnosing and reinstalling with an Update or Patch in the Internal and integral software which is labelled; Within.

To make it much simpler to understand, life is like a video game disc where when one installs it onto a computer, one can choose to play the game in whichever way one likes and experience the game in a different character. You are basically every character, moment, event, achievement and downfall in that game. And you are the video game disc itself.

However, unlike video games – which has its limits – Life has infinite amount of possibilities and no limit. Endless!

Clearly, when one understands this, one fully understands what to do and why things happen.

That one was never born nor dead. One simply… is.

Which makes me understand why Masters like the Buddha, Jesus and a variety of other facades of you and me, who witnessed the external dark side of the Cosmos, chose to initially change it.

But it never worked.

They understood that regardless of what they do, both dark matter and light matter has to exist in order for everything to happen.

You can’t prevent the river from flowing. You never can.

Rumi puts it aptly. “You’re the ocean in a drop”

And so, realising that Life is akin to a person being thrown into the sea, the more one struggles and fights, the more the risk of one drowning easily. But when one remembers that one is verily the sea itself, one starts to put trust and faith in it, one chooses to float and stays alive by learning how to swim. In this essence, if you wish to put in the religious context, you are God and human itself.

Which also sheds light that although religion is flawed, they did however get some parts correct. The flaw was viewing everything from that particular perspective. The view space will become smaller if one only views from one particular perspective.

Similarly, the same applies to all other context.

To truly understand everything and nothing, one has to marry Science and Spirituality together. In fact, we should also end the need to label in order to see the larger picture. That there never was a right or wrong way. All is. Suddenly, all problems and worries becomes trivial and minuscule.

Who am I?

I am Nothing.

And yet I am Everything.

But why this moment and time length of all the infinite others, though?

Probably deep down the Cosmos knew it will find this time length to mean the most to this identity. And so it decided to experience it.

In other words, you become absolutely flexible when you remember who you are!



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