Coming Soon on A Remedy of Dramedies.


Here’s just a sneak preview on my next blogovel (click on pic to enlarge it). It’s about the Punjabi Mafias in the UKs back in the 70s. I’ve written the first draft for the first chapter, and i’m planning to stick to the 5 chapter concept. Meaning, the story ends at chapter 5.


Short, sweet and slick.


I wish to take a short break from writing short stories/blog novels for now as i gain more inspiration to develop the whole story.


Updates !! I held Shamini’s baby, Little Hiranya yesterday in my arms, and she was the first baby i ever held! It was a nervous but beautiful moment for me. She was a little uncomfortable when i held her (i guess it was the way i was holding her) but she never cried which was a good thing for me.


Babies 🙂


Sangkaran was a pro in holding her. I didn’t knew he knew so much about babies. Here’s the funny part, he knows the process on how to take care of babies. I on the other hand, only know the process to make them.


Shame on me 🙁


I’ve recovered from my urinal infection & food poisoning, but it was thanks to the 3 days of MC, that got me the idea to write chapter 5 for The Five Days.


I’ll soon be uploading the photos that i received from that fateful email.


Stay tuned!


Love & Warmth,



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