The photo above is a photo of the Goddess Isis, an Egyptian Goddess who’s almost equivalent to the Chinese Goddess Guan Yin and the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi.


She’s known as the Goddess of motherhood (and thus worshipped as a loving mother), Goddess of the downtrodden, the poor and the rich. She’s sometimes depicted with wings and sometimes she’s depicted with a staff in her hand. You can google her up and read about her if you want to, it’s pretty interesting stuff.


Why am I talking about the Goddess Isis all of a sudden?


See, Stephanie invited Bala and me to go for an Isis healing circle session at a shoplot in Subang, called House of Kite which is run by a guy called Sherwin Ng on the 11th of November 2011 (she invited us during our performance at Chayos about a few weeks back).




Bala has been to the House of Kite before and recommended me to go for it. He said it’ll be helpful. And me being me,  was curious and wanted to know what this mumbo jumbo was all about decided to take the chance.


So yesterday, both of us drove up to Subang to check the Isis Healing Circle Session out. On the way Bala kept telling me to go with an open mind and be ready to see or feel any weird exocentric stuff.


We were already 30 minutes late (the healing’s suppose to start at 8 pm) and by the time we reached the area (we got stuck in a jam and we couldn’t find the shoplot), the grill at the entrance was locked.


Bala tried calling Sherwin but it was of no use.


I looked at Bala and said, “Well bro, I guess we’re late. The healing has started and we best not disturb them anymore. Lets just go.” and the moment I said that, I turned and looked at the lock for one last time. And that’s when I noticed it was not locked. It appeared to have been locked because it had been placed in such a way.


So I opened the lock, in the background Bala’s laughing like a mad cow and we got into the place.


The place, well.. it felt very peaceful. And the shoplot had a very positive energy about it. Almost everywhere I looked were things made out of blue colors and there were crystals and stones at almost every corner.


A lady came by to let us in and she said we were lucky as we arrived on time.


We walked into the healing room and realised we were the only Indians in it as everyone else in it were Chinese. But it was alright as everyone welcomed us.


The chairs were positioned in such a way whereby everyone’s sitting in a circle.


And that’s when I meet Sherwin Ng. A young, energetic, positive Chinese youth. He walks up to Bala and me and brandishes these bunch of cards infront of us.


“Pick one” he smiles.


Oh no. Not again..


So I picked one and Sherwin says, “Contemplate the meaning of the card during the meditation circle. You may not find the answer, but it’ll guide you.”


So I looked at my card. It had the photo of the Archangel Uriel on it holding a lamp, with the words, “You Know What To Do” written in bold. At the bottom were the words, “Archangel Uriel: Trust your inner knowledge, and act upon it without delay.




The problem with the card was, what am I supposed to do?


But by the time I could start pondering on the question, Sherwin was going person by person, pouring a semi aromatic ointment (it was slightly oily and had a very nice scent on it) on our palms.


He told us to rub the ointment on our palms and just take in the scent. Apparently the ointment helps to relax us.


Then he tells us to sit up straight in our chair (he was seated in his too) and tells us to inhale and exhale deeply but slowly. He looks around to make sure everyone’s okay and that’s when he looks at me.


I ask him, “Umm bro.. do we turn off our handphones? Because.. I think the the vibration might interfere with the energy flow.”


“Yes. Turning off would be a good idea. And please remove your spectacles.”


So I followed his orders. Bala sat next to me on my left. I closed my eyes as Sherwin closes the lights. The room wasn’t left in darkness, rather it was left in dark slightly and there was light coming from one of the crystal stones nearby. He turns on slow music. Whispers. Chants.


Ancient Egyptian chants with lots of droning and nasally effects of men and women. It sounded freaky at first. Bells could be heard in the music. Slow, timed and well played bells.


Sherwin then slowly guides us through this guided meditation. Where he tells us to picture ourselves as trees and the roots growing from our feet into the earth and that we’re one with the world. The roots slowly journey it’s way down to the central core of the earth and a lotus flower opens up in our head. We’re now conduits for the heavens.


To be honest, I hate meditation. Why? It’s because I know I have the ability to get lost in it. I immerse myself in it. And I just have this fear if I immerse myself too much into it, I might lose myself and I won’t be able to resurface ever again.


And that was the fear I had. I had to force myself to close my eyes, to relax my body and there was a point where I had immense fear as I heard the droning and the chants. One point I just felt like getting up and walking away because I was that afraid of losing myself. I could feel myself slowly slipping, falling into darkness. But I can still hear Sherwin’s soft soothing voice and I use it as a guide. Like a torchlight in a dark cave.


Sherwin guided us to feel our guardian angel standing on our left next to us and the only “energy” I felt was Swami. I felt Him standing not next to me, but infront of me, with His right hand raised (Abhaya Hasta position), His smiling face, serene and happy and joyful. I felt secured. I felt safe.


And then Sherwin instructed us to picture our Animal Spirit on our right. And I felt this energy of a dog sitting right next to my right leg. A little dog. White in color with a slight brown patches. Lessy.


And that’s when I suddenly felt lighter. I felt… free. I felt happy and at bliss. I suddenly had this confidence and this feeling of fear being eliminated from me.


I felt this immense powerful feeling of love and I was feeling emotional (happy kind of emotional). I just felt like hugging everything and anything.(I used to get this surge of feeling when I got drunk and smoke weed but never as intense as this one). This one reminded me of the feeling I got when I saw Swami for the first time in Puttaparthi. That powerful surge of energy, just waiting to burst in your heart. I felt immense love and joy. Bliss.


I felt relaxed and although half of the time I was just enjoying the “high” of the meditation, I didn’t really follow Sherwin’s instructions after that because his voice became muffled and I just enjoyed the feeling that I was getting. At one point, I could feel a huge shadow darting across the room infront of me. It was huge, as tall as the room. But I didn’t feel scared. I didn’t bother. I was too… into mySelf.


The meditation was very much similar to the ones I was taught during Balvikas (Sai Baba’s classes), where they ask you to imagine light and the light journeys to your eyes and tongue and hands. This one was more intense and indepth and longer. It’s a form of healing meditation where you, heal yourself using your own mind and will power.


At one point, eventhough the room was slight airy and cold, I felt heat generating from my body and I could feel heat from the people around me. Warm fuzzy heat. The heat you feel when you bath with hot water in the cold mornings. Extremely relaxing.


The meditation ended in an hour and as I opened my eyes, I felt extremely tired and drowsy. I felt like I had woken up from sleep.


Sherwin asked us all how we felt and when it came to my turn, I told him exactly how I felt. But this is where it all got freaky for me. Because Sherwin smiles and asks me, “Is that all? Can you share with us what you experienced when I told everyone to imagine their own respective Guardian Angel?”


I was stumped. Because I was initially not planning to share this because I was afraid many would mock me on my belief in Sai Baba. So I told Sherwin the truth, “When you told us to imagine our Guardian Angel, the only “person” or being that came into my mind was Sai Baba.”


Sherwin smiles and says, “He is an ascended Master. He’s much more easier to access now.”


And then I proceeded to ask him, “I also saw a huge shadow darting across the room. I know it was something big, but I don’t know what it was because my eyes were closed but you can still see shadows.”


He looks at me and says, “That’s Anubis.”


I stare back at him. I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. And a part of me felt he was kidding. Probably he’s a fraud I thought to myself.


Sherwin then proceeds to end the circle with an ending meditation circle. Apparently, according to the people who go for the healing sessions, he has never done an ending meditation circle.


Bala told me the reason why he did it was because the presence of Anubis could be felt. Even Bala felt it. So probably for precaution the ending meditative circle was done.


Towards the end, I decided to ask Sherwin questions about my card that I got. So I walked to him and ask him, “Sherwin I got this card. “You know what to do”. The problem is, I don’t really know what to do.”


He looks at my card and sits on his chair. “What don’t you know what to do?” he asks me.


I sit next to him and ponder and then I reply, “I don’t really know what to do with my life to be honest. I don’t know what to be.”


He closes his eyes, it felt as though he was reading through pages of the book of my life in his head and he replies, “Your sole purpose in life is to bring light to everyone around you.”


I stare at him in disbelief. Gee that was helpful.


His eyes were still closed and then, that’s when the fun started. He started saying stuff that I know, deep within myself. That I’ve kept hidden.


“I can hear bhajans…. mantras. Chants. You’re spiritual. I also know you have a disappointed heart. A broken one. But the reason people come to your life is because they are meant to teach you a thing or two or it’s because of your Karmic past. Forgive, forget and live. These matters serve no importance to your higher purpose in life. And logically you know that such things are of no importance, and that they don’t really matter when you look at it spiritually, but you just lack belief and faith in it. You also have this clash of this doubt between being selfless or selfishness. You believe that praying for yourself is selfish where else praying for someone else is selfless. You’re wrong. Both are good.”


“You should take a break and go to the mountains. Do lots of Vedic chants. Chant more mantras on Ganesha. Work on yourself.”


I was stumped. The dude’s extremely clairvoyant! And then I proceed to test him again, “So what do you think I should be in future?”


He closes his eyes. He smiles and replies, “Probably a teacher. A lecturer. Something to do with teaching.”


In my mind, I kept saying, “What about writing? Writing.. writing… writing… writing… Say writing… writing…”


He continues, “You can sing songs and teach, you can just teach and you can write. Write and teach people.”


I almost peed.


“Okay one last question. See, you told me that I should take a break and go to the mountains. In other words, a journey of self discovery and contemplation. The thing is, in February I’m supposed to go for a trip to Sai Baba’s ashram. I can’t go because I just lost my dad and my mum would be afraid of being at home alone. What should I do?”


He says, “This one’s a tough one” and he closes his eyes.


After a few moments he asks me, “Is the trip for 11 days?”


I almost shat.


“Yes” I reply.


“There’s an aunty who may be able to keep your mum company during that time. If you think the trip will help you work on yourself, then you must go. Ofcourse you would feel guilty going by leaving your mother like that, but if you don’t work and help yourself, how are you going to help those around you?”


Point noted.


After everything, both Bala and me, watched Ra. One and were almost on the verge of sleep by the time we reached home. The meditation healing circle had taken a toll on us. We were so exhausted.


I went back home and slept like a baby and I woke up feeling extremely refreshed. And confident. I feel like a new born baby Smile


5 thoughts on “Clairvoyance”

  1. This is pretty awesome, I'm glad you write things like this. I'm guessing things are gonna get better from now onwards for you 🙂

  2. OMG. Sukhu! See, whatever I said was true! Baba is with you, why the fear? Seeing baba upon your eyes is great 🙂 You know those who can say things, predict stuff are actually God's messenger? 🙂 God can't come in reality, so he sends his messages through his 'people'. YOU GOT EVERY ANSWERS YOU WANTED. ALL YOUR WHY'S ARE CLEARED!

    You know, I'm happy for you.
    Yes, I now see the new you! 🙂

    I loved the whole post.
    I'm glad to be the first to like. 🙂

  3. Sounds really interesting. Funny how I came across your post at this particular time when I could use some help. Did you go back for more healing sessions? And how have things changed since then?

  4. Hey JC, yes I did. For one more session early February. Things have become better now after a year. If you're interested, you can visit the healer's site, his name is Sherwin, at and get in touch with him. Really down to earth and friendly person. And his sessions are amazing. All the best! 🙂

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