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By Maria De Souza, The Malaysian Tribune

Now Zodiac animals have called for 1 million attendance of beasts and mythological beings in show of solidarity with the pig.

Unlike the red shirt rally goers who had no clear idea on why they were protesting, the Zodiac animals made their intentions clear.

In holding a press conference at Zoo Negara today, they called for equal and voting rights along with proper treatment and health care for the animals in the zoo.

“I was offended by the whole Cina Babi statement made by the red shirt rally leader,” said Prakash Suri, the black pig who carried a placard bearing the face of Jamal Unos with the words , “Jangan main main dengan babi, babi!”

Across him was a fuming white bull.

“This one ahh is really too much, you know. Melayu lembu! Melayu lembu! Susu punya lembu, sapi juga dapat nama!” said Ghee Singh, his shiny sharp horns glistening.

The snake on the other hand was having a verbal argument with a goat on who represented the Indian community, totally oblivious of the room packed with newsmen.

“I’m Indian! They have a saying, kill the Indian first before the snake!” hissed the snake.

“No! I represent the Indians! We’re their official mascot during Deepavali!” brayed the goat.

The Chinese monkey had to scream and throw nuts at the both of them to keep them quiet.

“Woi! Shuddup lah s*h#i! Night time drink so much, make noise so much until people cannot sleep. Day time also wan noise ah! S*h#i!” it shrieked.

Following the minor scuffle which broke out, the snake was sent to the nearest Ginseng shop by the police and the goat was sent to the nearest Malay butcher while the monkey was handed to an old Indian taxi driver who took it in as a pet under the pretext of the government’s efforts in raising the minority community’s lifestyle.

“And this is precisely why I keep getting eaten by the Non Malays and not just the Chinese” said Prakash who then carried the placard and walked out of the zoo.

The whereabouts of the white bull remains unknown and police has confirmed that it has nothing to do with the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal.


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