The performance at Chayo’s was awesomemagnistasticterrific!!! Everyone loved us and the best part was Bala’s three extremely talented friends came to grace and perform with us. David Spencer was on his keyboard and he spruced up our songs with his jazzy piano and flute tunes while Stephanie and Shoba showed up to sing two numbers each and both their voices were beautiful!


I truly enjoyed the performance today and the dinner was awesome as well (did I mention it was free?). We sang around 12 numbers. I sang the usual, Hey Jude, Something About the Way You Smile and Jaya Maa. Jaya Maa was awesome (thanks to David and gang) and the owner of Chayo’s (who’s crazy about making videos. It’s his hobby) said he would love to record this song and use it as a background music for one of his videos.


Met many interesting people today.


David was on the keyboard when he looked at me and asked me to look at his fingers (which were on the piano). All his fingers were touching the keys except for the middle finger. “This is my favorite chord” he said aloud as Bala sang in the background. Crazy dude..


After the performance, Stephanie (she’s from Holland and I forgot her full name. She’s gorgeous and sings amazingly as well and does Reiki healing) walked up to us and held a bunch of cards in her hands.


“Pick one!” she said.


I looked at her and then at the cards and said, “Sorry I don’t believe in tarot cards.”


“No! These are not tarot cards but they’re called Destiny Cards. Just pick one and that card would reflect on what you should do with your life.”


Wow some bogus shit. I wasn’t buying it at first so I pretended to close my eyes and wave my fingers around her cards to choose one. And when I opened my eyes after choosing the one I got, at the front of the card it read:


“There is no blame”

And when I turned it to the back, it read:


“I release the need to blame anyone, including myself. We are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge, and awareness we have.”


I read it out aloud to the rest and Bala laughed.


“Owh boy… that hit the nail.”


Steph looked at me, smiled and said, “That card reflects what you need to do. Follow it, read it everyday and let it be a form of guidance. Slowly, your mind will mentally program it into your head. You’ll be a better person”


Those words on the cards stuck to my head like glue but I brushed them off aside.


I looked at Bala and asked, “What you got?”


“Something to do with health, body and shit.”


“Owh! That hit the nail!” It was my turn. Although it was funny, but freakishly enough, that card did hit the nail.


I forgot to ask what Snow got though..


It was a fun night. Truly enjoyed myself and I think this was the best performance ever. Can’t wait to perform there during Christmas Smile


Keep rocking!





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