Chance Meet with Malaysia’s Well Loved Writer

I specifically brought my DSLR for this moment and only for this moment. Right after the press conference, I took out my trustee old camera and prepped myself to meet Malaysia’s living legend, poet, writer, thinker and inspiration to thousands in this land we call Negaraku, A. Samad Said. I had never met this giant of a man although I had always wanted to meet him. From a budding writer, meeting Pak Samad had always been one of my life’s biggest dreams. Many of my friends had bumped into him many times whenever he took his walk around the streets of Kuala Lumpur, I was unlucky. I did however caught a glimpse of him ambling pass a restaurant one Saturday last month when my colleagues and I were having our lunch. But I decided not to go up to him for an autograph or a photo simply because I didn’t have a pen nor a camera with me then. My time will come. Fate would arrange us for a meeting, I told myself then. And Fate did, today! Eventually when the press conference ended, I went to him and asked him if I could take a photo of him with me. He replied, “Oh sure, boleh!” Then he proceeded to ask where I was from and I replied, “NST, sir” He laughed and replied, “You sure you want to take a photo with me? You might lose your job since I’m Bersih 2.0’s co-chairperson.” We both laughed and took the photo anyways. It was always a dream to take a photo with one of Malaysia’s prominent living author and writer. Although we didn’t talk much, but it was a moment I’ll never forget. Right after the photo, I walked to him with my yellow notepad seeking for his autograph. He jokingly said, “Aiyoh, now you’ll be fired twice!” Two days in a row I’ve been encountering scenarios with writers. Yesterday was a friend’s book launch. Today a chance encounter with A. Samad Said. Perhaps it’s a sign from the Universe telling me to embark on publishing some of my writings. Perhaps.. 🙂




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