Chakde Phatte! Chapter 3


Seeing the gardener approaching, the buds cried out: 
"Today the blossoms have been picked, 
Tomorrow will be our turn."

As the woodcutter advanced,
the trees sighed and said: 
"It matters nothing that we are to be cut down, 
But, alas, the birds will lose their homes."

As the potter was kneading the wet clay, it said:
"Today, O friend, thou art kneading me,
But tomorrow thou wilt have to make a bed in my lap."

Kabir saw a mill grinding the wheat and cried:
"Alas, no grain remains between the grinding stones, 
Yet those who cling to the pivot are not destroyed."




~The Gardener, The Woodcutter & The Potter~

“Karnail Sir, I have a problem.”


“What’s the problem?”


“I’m running a sundry shop, just a few blocks from here and every week, there are a bunch of hooligans who would come into the shop, loot it and go out without paying any money.”




“I’ve informed the police, but they haven’t done a thing yet. Can you do something about this? My life depends on the income of the sundry shop.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll see to it.”




“Umm.. Sir. I have a small problem. I’m a Punjabi and I’m in love with a Gujarati girl from the next neighborhood. But the problem is, her parents are against our marriage”


“Alright, i’ll try talking to her parents”


“Thank you sir!”




“Thank you so much Sir! The hooligans don’t disturb us anymore! You’re a real blessing to our community. Here’s a little token of appreciation for the help you gave me.”


*Laughs* “I don’t accept payment of any kind for the help that I give to my fellow brothers. Just keep your family safe and use the money to get your kids something”




“Karnail Sahib, some bunch of locals recently insulted my husband. They made fun of his Dastaar and humiliated him infront of public.”


“Where do they live?”


“I know their houses Sahib, they live nearby our place.”


“We’ll take care of it”


“Thank you Sahib, thank you.”




“Boss, the local gang is enraged with what we did to the members of their gangs”


“We did nothing wrong. Punishment had to be duly served as they played with fire.”




“Sir, the hooligans attacked my sundry shop again. This time they went overboard by spraying “Paki” on the entrance to my shop”

“I will deal with them”




“Boss, the local gang just burnt down Mr Gurdial’s shop and house as a retaliation of what we did to their gang members last night.”


“Alright. Bring the car out. It’s time we burn theirs too”




“Thank you Karnail Sahib for getting me a new place to live. I owe you a lot”


“Mention not Gurdial. You’re like a brother to me.”




“*coughs* I’m disappointed with the both of you. How could you rob a bank? This organisation was not created to loot banks or to terrorize people. This organisation was created for the welfare of the Sikh community.”


“Karnail Sahib, we’re really sorry. We had no money to feed our children”


“You can always ask me for money anytime. The both of you knew that and yet you two still committed that atrocious crime. *coughs* With that, I dismiss the both of you from this organisation and I’ll deport you to Punjab tomorrow morning itself. You’ve not only tarnish this organisation’s name, but the Sikh religion itself. *coughs*”




“Hi there, I’m from CNBS and we’re here to conduct a tv interview with you.”


“That’s fine with me”


“First question, are you a gangster of some sort?”


“No I’m not”


“Then what are you?”


*pause* “I’m just a servant to my community.”




“Boss, the Irish gang has warned us not to meddle with people in their neighborhood”


“Anyone who’s a Sikh is part of us regardless of which neighborhood they’re from. They were insulted and humiliated and so we retaliated. Is it wrong?”




“What the Irish did was wrong and uncalled for. Balbir, you know what to do. Silence them once and for all”




“Balbir, oh Balbir. Why did you do such a thing?”


“But Boss, you used to say it yourself too. When someone hurts us, we retaliate.”


“But bombing two police cars and killing innocent bystanders is not the way! It’s an act of terrorism! We should be eliminating the cause of the trouble and not be the cause of it!”


“But Biss, i still feel the locals deserved it.”


“You’ve put not only the organisation, but the innocent people who’re part of us in jeopardy.”




“Jetinder *coughs*”


“Yes Pitaji?”


“Am I a bad person? *coughs*”


“No you’re not.”


“How come?”


“You keep us safe.”




“Mr Karnail Singh Dhillon, you’re hereby arrested under the suspicion of manslaughter.”


“Mr Karnail is innocent!”


“You shut the fuck up! And you get into the fucking car!”




“The court finds Karnail Singh Dhillon… not guilty!”






“Sir, you better see a doctor. Your cough is getting worst”


“I don’t need a doctor. There’s still so much to be done *cough*”




“Mr Dhillon, i’m afraid you’ve contracted Tuberculosis and it’s in it’s final stage now. I’m afraid you’ve got not much time left. But we can stall the disease by putting you under medical attention”



“Jetinder, listen carefully *coughs* I got not much time left. Money can never buy you happiness. And power only corrupts you. Once I die, promise me, *cough* Promise me that you will go back to Punjab, get married and settle down there”


“I… I… why are you saying such things Pa?”


“*coughs* This organisation is falling apart. People are taking it for granted. I admit we’re powerful and all but it’s pointless when power is abused.”


“Can’t we do something about it?”


“It’s better to let it be this way. You don’t deserve such a life. My life was a lie. It was meant to be such a way. But yours is different. You’re young. Do something good with your life. Forget about this organisation.”




“Breaking news. The leader of the infamous Punjabi mafia which were involved in the recent Southall riots was found dead in his car. He was found with dead with gunshot wounds to his head and chest. A man, who’s name we can’t reveal at the moment, found the body as he was walking to work today morning.


Karnail Singh Dhillon, the leader of the Punjabi Mafia who’s wanted for crimes on extortion, rape charges and bank robberies is dead.”


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