But I’m Already There


There are moments in life where I wish I could just run. Run away with a backpack, climb mountains, trudge rivers, run downhill on grassy fields, sleep in the open, have a note book and write poems and stories. Meet new people, learn their lifestyles, learn their culture or probably learn a new language. I wouldn’t mind the sore feet, I wouldn’t mind the swellings and wounds that I’ll get on my leg. I wouldn’t mind all that just to get a taste of freedom, a breath of fresh air from the Alps. Probably feel the cold breeze in Tibet. Wade in the Ganges, who cares if it’s dirty. I want to be there. Catch a glimpse of a hawk flying over the horizon, past the tallest peaks of the Himalayas. I want to get out. I want to run free. I want to be away. I want to.. alas, I can only sit and dream. Maybe someday..




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