Burger Sampah


Yes. There’s nothing wrong with the title. Burger Sampah. That’s what Bala and me had the night before we left KL to Seremban.


On our way home, Bala remembered that his secretary (yes he has a secretary *wolf whistles*) said that around the area we were in, that place is famous for it’s Burger Sampah.


“Dude, wanna go have Burger Sampah?”


After a minute of silence, curiosity got the better of me. “What on earth is a Burger Sampah??”


“This burger bro, is voted as Klang Valley’s best burger. Apparently the dude there serves the best burgers in town.”


“And he calls it Burger Sampah??”


“No. That’s what they call it.”


“They? They who?”


“The customers.”


The customers call the burger, Burger Sampah and it’s voted as the best burger in Klang Valley?? What’s Malaysia coming to man??


“You’ll see why.” Bala grinned and added, “I thank my secretary for this.”


So we drove to this food court kind of area, right behind the food court is the location of a small burger stall which was adjacent to a shop lot.


And there it was, Burger Sampah.


We walked out of the car and walked towards the burger stall and were greeted with old Hindi songs belted out by Mukesh and Mohamad Rafi through a radio which was perched right at the top left corner of the burger stall.


I looked around and at the oven and that’s when I realised why they call it Burger Sampah.


DSC00258 “Heart Attack Special anyone?”

Okay don’t be afraid. The food is clean (I think) but the burger was frigging delicious!


Bala says this is the Malaysian version of the sloppy joe. Infact, the best way to enjoy this burger is to eat it while they’re still hot and yes, you guessed it right, sloppily.


And apparently, the dude who cooks the burgers calls them Burger Om (I don’t know, he might have been a Hindu before he converted) and although it bears no significant elements of Hinduism apart from eat all you want, people around it call it Burger Sampah because of how sloppy the burger is. Like sampah (meaning: trash in Malay). 


And here’s a proof of the certificate the dude received for the best burger in Klang Valley.



No sh#t!”

So we ordered through the Mak Cik. There were lots of people there so we had to queue before we could make our orders.


Bala ordered the Oblong Mutton Special Burger and I ordered the Oblong Chicken Special Burger. 


With Mohammad Rafi songs blaring in the background, along with the sizzling of the meat and what not, the Pak Cik set about his work. He cooked and slapped and patted the burgers. He kind of reminded me of Spongebob Squarepants. Only thing was he was not yellow and he wore a songkok on his head. 


He was surprisingly quick for an old man and I realised most of his meat were pre-fried and here’s another awesome fact. He uses his own home made meat. How cool is zat?


DSC00255Sloppy Joe’s getting ready our sloppy err joes.”

We had to wait for nearly an hour or so to actually taste our burger, so we decided to sit near the shop lots and wait. And from there, we could see how he made his burgers.


 DSC00259You can forget McD and Burger King with these shlongs”



“Best place to be. Well if you’re in Klang Valley that is”

The dude goes on doing his work. He realises he’s out of oil, so he whips out a packet of butter, uses a cake scoop (the ones they use to scoop and mix the cakes) and brings out forth half of the butter and places them onto the oven.


The lady goes on putting ingredients on the buns and slaps them with a scoop full of mayonnaise. The amount of mayonnaise she put, one can bath in it.

DSC00260Don’t be a Sampah Masyarakat. Eat Burger Sampah instead!”

An hour later, we were at Bala’s apartment enjoying the burger the way it should be enjoyed. Sloppily. And boy was his secretary right!


P/S: We couldn’t upload any photos after that because:

a) Our hands were filled with mayonnaise and tomato sauce.

b) We ate them before we could take any photos. Sorry!


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