I placed the blower into the bottle filled up with soap, stirred it a little bit so that the blower will be filled with soap. I then took it out, and blew it slowly but firmly.

Out emerged a beautiful bubble. Sangkaran observed me lazily as the both of us sat at the staircase of the hall, waiting for Bala to come and fetch us. We were extremely tired but we enjoyed ourselves during the food fair.

The bubble kept growing bigger and bigger as i blew it slowly. Then, with a slow “pop” the bubble detached itself from the blower and drifted away from us, leaving us immersed in it’s beauty.

It was a beautiful object of creation. At certain stages, it changed colours as light was reflected. And at certain times, the whole world could be seen in it.

“You know something?” I broke the silence.

“What?” Sangkaran replied.

“I wish i were a bubble.” I said as i watched the bubble.

There was silence. The both of us watched the bubble float away from us.

“Why?” Sangkaran asked.

I observed the bubble, watching it glide slowly in the air.

“It’s just free of problems.” I looked at it for a few moments more. “It just doesn’t give a care about the world. All it does is just glide.”

“Yeah..” Sangkaran was observing it too.

“And as it glides, it gives out this feel good feeling to everyone.”

The bubble glided high up to the ceiling and without any warning, it popped.

“That was a beauty” I said as i placed the blower into the bottle again to make a new one.

“My turn bitch.” Sangkaran grabs the bottle from me.

It was his turn to blow. But unlike me, he blew into the blower quickly and swiftly. A group of bubbles were created and they glided together to the top.

“I remember playing with bubbles when i was a kid” Sangkaran said as he observed the group of bubbles.

“I used to play with bubbles when i used to bath” I replied.

“I still do” Sangkaran said.

I turned to look at him. He was too busy looking at the bubbles. “You still do??” I asked him.

“Yeah” his eyes fixed at the bubbles.

He’s 19 years old and he still plays with bubbles when he has his bath. I remembered I used to play with bubbles when i used to have my baths. But those were when i was young, around 10 or so.

“How do you make bubbles when you bath?” I asked him. I was curious.

“I use my armpits to make them.”

“Your what..?”

“My armpits” He replied.

“How the fuck do you make bubbles with your armpits??”

“Easy. Put lots of soap under your armpits, make sure it’s really soapy then flap your arm as though you’re a chicken. A bubble will be formed.”

I stared at him. He noticed i was staring at him, so he turned around, looked at me and said, “What?”

“Dude!” I swallowed. “That’s one of the most disgusting ways to make a bubble!”

“No it’s not!”

“Yes it is!”

“No it’s not!”

“Okay genius, tell me why it’s not, since you know all about bubbles” I was getting annoyed.

“You’re cleaning your armpits AND making bubbles. What’s so disgusting about it?”

I kept silent and I was still staring at him.

He turned and said, “Now what?”

“You should try making bubbles using your butthole then. You’re not only cleaning it BUT you’re making bubbles using your ass as well” I grinned and said.


“Or hey! You can fart and the bubbles can form by themselves.”

He pretended not to hear me by keeping himself busy by making new bubbles. Another set of bubbles emerged from the blower. The both of us observed them silently as they drifted in space.

“How do you make bubbles then?” he asked me.

“Using my ass?” I grinned.

“No. Please, seriously how?”

“I used to use my thumb and fore finger. Applied the soap to my fore finger using the thumb and then made a sort of “O” with both the fingers. I will then blow into the them.” I pretended to be blowing into my fingers.

“I didn’t know that”

“Yeah, that was because you were busy making bubbles using your armpits”

The bubbles popped one by one and then there were none. Sangkaran was about to make more bubbles when Bala arrived with his car. The both of us got up and hopped into the car.

“Ready to fly bitches?” Bala said.

“Yes bitch.” the both of us said together.

“Okay here we go. Put on your seat belts!”

Bala changed his gear and hit on the accelerator. The car moved with a roar and we were off, going home.

“Dude!! Not in the car!!!” Bala screamed as Sangkaran started blowing bubbles in the car. A group of bubbles drifted around us and Sangkaran started laughing.

I sat at the back, placed my head on the seat, closed my eyes and smiled to myself.

Bubbles 🙂


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