Bright and Cheery


We walked into the house, it was dark and gloomy, depressingly sad. And I held her hand and I said, "Why this sadness?" She didn’t say much. She couldn’t say much. But I could guess from her pauses that terrible sad things had taken place in the house. We turned the lights on, put on the radio and then we laid next to each other. I heard her heartbeat as she slept, on my arms and the sweet scent of her hair as the breeze blew it towards me. Her forehead was warm and I kissed it. Twice. And then I laid next to her and closed my eyes. I could hear the little voice inside me. I confronted it, "What’s so funny?" I asked. It giggled and said, "Nothing. Everything is." And then I fell into deep sleep. When we awoke, and as I walked out of the room, I understood what the voice meant. For the house was no longer dark nor gloomy. It was bright and cheery.


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