Bon Voyage and So Long!


I’m not surprised that many didn’t get the riddle in the previous post. The answer’s there, staring at you, but none get it because they always misunderstand whatever I’m trying to interpret.


Out of 10 friends who read the post before me, only 2 got it.


It was a little test and also a hidden message. Many misunderstood the whole poetic riddle and had their own answers. Some of the answers were really amusing and cute.


To those who’ve never found the answer, let it remain that way Smile


And to those who have, I say, well done. You guys understand me best.


Anyways, I’m shutting off this blog’s fan page. I wish to go low profile now. So for those who’ve been keeping track of this blog via it’s fan page, bookmark it because in approximately 14 days time, the page will be deleted automatically by Facebook (don’t ask me why Facebook gave me 14 days time period. I actually wanted to delete it right away).


Back to the poem. It’s a little example of how many can really understand what I’m really trying to say. Many judge, many misinterpret, many assume. But the answer’s there, crisp clear before you. Something’s shouldn’t be critically and intellectually analyzed, rather felt and read from the heart and seen with the mind’s eye.




That’s right. Observe me.


This post is also going to be the last post for a very long time. I’ll be leaving to India on the 10th of February and will be back by the 21st of February.


I pray to come back spiritually stronger, mentally stronger and physically stronger. I also wish to bury and forgive every ghost of my past this time and come back reborn, renewed, refreshed and positive.


Not that I’ve been negative, but I’ve been working on myself (a lot!) and I must say, I’ve made lots of improvements and headways.


My mind’s more clearer and my heart’s more lighter. I’ve experienced many things physically, and spiritually that if I write them here many would think I’m a lunatic.


Which brings me to the reason I’m deleting the fan page.


I WILL be writing about my experiences. Blogging is my form of therapy, my spiritual, mental and creative exercise. I enjoy writing. So I’ll write. But I only want people who really want to read it, to read this blog.


Otherwise, please don’t. You’ll just assume and judge me like how you all did to the poor poem in the previous post (no offence but you guys were really cute trying to solve it).


By deleting the fan page, and keeping it low profile, only people who I matter to most, would read this post. And people who really enjoy reading. Not unnecessary gossip mongers.


Pray that I come back strong. I want to overcome my dad’s death (actually I have, but sometimes the shadows come back) because his death has really been overshadowing a lot of events in my life. I want a few spiritual questions to be answered and I wish to experience more out of the body experiences.


Especially work on my Chakras.


So, I guess, that’s it. This is it. I’ve got nothing else to say.


I love every each one of you the same because each one of you is the very same spark of Divine that is in me.


With that, bon voyage and we’ll meet here soon.


Be patient Smile


Love, love and light.

Sukhbir Cheema


P/S: If you guys have the time, read up on Lemuria and Atlantis. Read about whales and dolphins. I will tell you all the reason in time Smile


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