Being Sukhbir Cheema


Enter the mind of Sukhbir and one will be greeted with psychedelic music with vibrant colors and everything moves fast and not slow. And yet, the speed in which one enters is just nice for one to grasp and understand the minute details in Sukhbir’s head. But still, the speed in which one enters yet again plays an important role, for the speed in which one enters can actually make one miss the bigger picture.


Enter the mind of Sukhbir and one can surely see and understand his ironic, sarcastic and yet seemingly demented sense of humor. For if one, tries to understand him from the outside, one will surely be confused but as one enters his head and gets accustomed to the way he thinks and acts, one will start to understand the reason behind his way of speaking and talking. His eccentricity.


The first objects that greets a person are the tiny little dialogue clouds. These are his thoughts. The darker ones represents negativity while the lighter ones represents light heartedness and humor. Most of the time, it’s hard to make them out as both of the colors are mixed (as most of the time the clouds appear grey; in other terms the thoughts of his have a tinge of light heartedness and negativity).


Seldom one will find his mind in a thoughtless state of mind. His mind is always filled with something to think about. Something to worry about. Something to ponder. Something to gain inspiration from. Ideas and such.


But most of the time, they’re just particles of nonsense and much of them don’t make sense. Such as a thought of a winged elephant or a snake with legs. Or an electric monkey or a psychic wrestler. Or a skimpily dressed female magician.


If one listens closely and if one pays much attention, one can hear him slowly talking to himself. Yes, talking to himself. Now, pay attention! Hear him whisper to himself.


“Hmmm.. I wonder what’s for dinner tonight?” says he.


There! Did you see that? That tiny little dialogue cloud! That’s his thought. As I’ve explained and mentioned, it’s total rubbish and nothing to fret about. This one’s colored white. As it has no trace of negativity (nor does it contain humor but since it comes from light heartedness then it shall remain white until he decides to branch out).


Oh wait! It’s changing color now!


“I bet it’s going to be the same old Potato gravy from last night’s…” says he.


Oh look! The cloud has changed from white to a tinge of grey to represent negativity.


Another one has popped out and this one’s totally white. I can hear him laugh as well. Let us see what amuses him, “Speaking of dinner, I find a roosted chicken with it’s legs sticking up extremely funny.”


Hmm.. we don’t find anything amusing in that, but yet again, there’s much to learn about this man.


However, I sense much frustration in him as another little dialogue cloud has popped out. This one’s black and it says, “It’s time to sleep and yet I’m wondering to myself, what if people can see and hear what I think?”


Oh dear. Best get out off his head before he finds us eavesdropping him. Off you go now! Hurry along and good night!


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