Beautifully Horrific

 Number 20

We were a happy family. You can consider us twins, quadruplets or whatever you want to name it but all 20 of us were born at the same time. Or rather made. It’s the same thing right? Being made and born. Because they use terms such as making babies for sex. So i presume we were made. But no sex was involved, just lots and lots of pressure and thrusting.


I remember that day well. We were all snuggled together, rather tucked in this cosy dark confinement when out of nowhere someone just ripped our rooftop open, picked me out and set me on fire.


10 minutes later, I lay on the ground and before I could take my last breath, I was stomped. Just once and I died.


Number 19 

I can’t believe someone just ripped our rooftop open and picked out Number 1. Two tentacle like things, just two, picked him out and when the roof was closed back in again, I could hear him screaming in pain. It was horrifying. I don’t know what’s horrifying, the fact that we couldn’t see what was happening to him or his scream.


I died two hours later.


Number 18 

Fuck! The tentacle got two of my brothers! And we’re shit scared. I prayed to God that it doesn’t happen again because I’m shit scared. We all had this conversation in our tiny confinement. We wondered what was our purpose. Just when the conversation was going swell, suddenly the tentacle was back and picked me out.


As I was removed from my confinement, I could see the outside world. It was a different environment altogether. I could see colors and could feel the breeze. I thought i was free. Probably, the reason why the other two screamed was because they couldn’t adjust to the sudden change of setting. I adjusted well. Infact, I enjoyed the colors and breeze and the fact that the tentacles (there were five of them but it only needed two to pick us out) placed me in this cushion like cave where for a few seconds it felt good. And that’s when I saw the apparatus, a green mechanism with fire as it’s crown.


I burned and died 10 minutes later. The most painful 10 minutes of my life.


Number 17 

There lots of movement outside our confinement. Lots of sound. I can’t remember well because I was asleep most of the time.


I woke up an hour later to find out that the tentacles got me. I knew it was my turn and so I didn’t say a thing, I left it all to fate.


Number 12 

8 of my brothers were taken by the tentacle like creature. What are they? Shit, the roof’s open again!


Number 9 

One after the other, each one of us were gone. I can’t believe it. The question is not what are they? The question is what are we? Why are we killed off one at a time? I saw it clearly this time, Number 10 being burned. It was beautiful in one way, and horrifying in another. Beautifully horrific.


And then it was my turn.


Number 2 

The two of us remained, huddled close to each other. I could feel her anguish, her fear. And I knew the next moment the roof’s open, it would be her. And true enough, just as I thought about that, the roof opened and the tentacle like thing started searching for us. We tried moving around, slipping past the tentacles but it was too fast.


I knew I had to do something to keep her alive. So I nudged her away and let it carry me off.


I could feel the fear in her and I could hear her screaming, “Nooo!!” as the tentacle like creature carried me away, away from her. I could only smile and whisper, “I love you”.


Minutes later I died thinking of her.


Number 1 

I was alone in the dark confinement. What used to be a place of solitude, a place of comfort has now turned into a hell house. Each one of us were picked and killed off for no reason. I don’t know why. What did we do to deserve this? Why are we sought after so much?


I lay quietly and as still as possible waiting for my turn. I realise the scary part about dying is not dying, but rather the wait. You just don’t know when it happens.


The tentacle ripped the roof open. I knew it was after me. I lay still, residing to my fate at it’s warm skins touched me, caressed me, fondled me and took me out of my confinement.


I saw that there were not five tentacles but 10! The other five attacked my home, destroying it in one pulp. Devouring it and then spitting it out as the other five worked on me.


They worked in a team. They worked together, fast and precise. They knew what they were doing. It was as though they had been trained well and had been doing this for a long time.


I saw the green mechanism, in a split second it’s head was on fire and as the fire slowly approached me, I could fell a warm breeze above me. I looked up and I saw two caves and above the caves, strategically placed, two windows.


The warm breeze blew from the two caves, slowly with a rhythm.


And I was set on fire. Owh.. the agony. The  pain. I could feel my insides coming out and burning and as I burned, the tentacles raped me by inserting me into the cushion like cave (this one was bigger with white stalagmites and stalactites surrounding the entrance), sucking hard at my end. Trying to get everything inside of me out through my anus. But nothing came out except the smoke which travelled through my insides and out of my anus and into that big cave.


What was more painful was the fact that the creature held me firm by the stalagmites and stalactites, to keep me from falling. Sort of biting into me.


What sort of demented creature was this which gained such pleasures or torturing us slowly to death?


I wished I was never made. I wish i was never born. I thought of Number 2, how he tried saving my life. But it was of no use now.


I burned and just when I thought it was over, the tentacles flicked me far away from the creature. I thought i was spared, but I realised what the tentacle was doing.


I was burnt all the way now, leaving only my anus intact. I suppose I was of no use to the creature and it’s tentacles.


I lay there slowly, breathing heavily as I could feel the smoke slowly engulfing me.


And I died.


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