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I can still smell her hair on my hands. Don’t ask me how. The smell’s still there.


All three of us decided to go to Mumbai Se after the prom night. The prom was boring, and we were a little ticked off because our favorite band didn’t win the UCSI GOT Talent contest.


So we drove, met Bala and headed to Mumbai Se.


The thing was, I was not in the mood to dance. I did dance a little, did a little jig here and there just to make Vashi happy and then I went over to the dark corner and sat with Bala. Got myself a beer and sat chilling out with Bala while Vashi and Jag went around the club dancing.


I was alone with Bala (Bala was sitting on the other sofa) when a hot Punjabi chic came and sat next to me on the couch (I know! I was like “Fuck yes! It’s happening!”)


She asked me, “You don’t mind if i sit here?”


“Yeah sure no problem” I yelled into her ears (the club was noisy.. i mean, a club has to be noisy). So anyways, I felt like smoking so I picked up a cig and before I lighted it, I thought it was courtesy to ask if she mind if i smoked.


“You don’t mind if I smoke?”


“Yeah sure go ahead”


I stuck the cig into my mouth and was about to light it when another thought came ejaculating into my head.


“Do you smoke? You want a smoke too?” I asked.


“No. You carry on”


I lighted myself the cigarette and sat puffing when she held her hand out and said, “I’m Roopa”


I thought to myself, “It must be the beer. It must be the beer. But wait! I only had one glass of it! It can’t be a beer! This is really happening!”


“I’m Sukhbir.” I said and smiled.


“Stupid? What?”


“No! Sukhbir” I shouted. The club was noisy as hell.




“Sukhbir! With the bir at the back!”


“No I don’t want a beer!”


“Nevermind forget it!”


We sat quietly enjoying the music when I thought maybe if she wanted to dance. You know, just try my luck.


“Hey you err.. wanna dance?”


“No. I’m so tired. I just came from work and I’m here now.”


We chatted a bit and I realised she works at a call centre.


And then she drops a bombshell.


She placed her hands onto the back of my head and brought my head close to her cheeks (I thought she was gonna kiss me) and she said “Hey, I know this is gonna be a big problem but would it be okay if you can send me home?”


“Ermmm yeah sure.” Yeah sure. Like you’re the one who’s driving Sukhbir…


“Where you’re living?” I asked.


“Cheras. Quepex. I’m so sorry but I’m drunk and I don’t wanna take the taxi home. They say it’s too dangerous.” To be honest, that explained why she was swaying a little when she walked around in the club.


Anyways, she continued, “I came with my friends and they all left without telling me and I’m all alone. I don’t know where my brother went to. He’s gay by the way.”




“So do you mind sending me back home?” She asked.


“Yeah err sure! No problem!” I was feeling weird already by then.


We sat at the sofa and since the club was too noisy, lots of body contacts were made in order for us to errmmm.. get our conversations/messages across.


Most of the time it involved her pulling me by the neck and involved me pulling her by her arm to get us close to each other. She was nice to talk to. And to be honest she was really sweet. 


Vashi and Jag came over and I introduced them to the both of them. Roopa stopped getting closer to me after that. Amazingly we managed to communicate with minimum body contact all thanks to Vashi. I was already feeling a relieved by then.


But soon as the music progressed and Father Time slowly walked around in circles, we talked and eventually we danced. Her favorite song came on and she said, “Hey I feel like dancing!”


“Okay have fun!” I said and lit myself a cigarette.


“No! You dance with me!” She held my hand and I was whisked away onto the dance floor.


I got to admit, I didn’t really danced. It was more of someone who’s got two rabbits stuck into his ass. That was how I was dancing. A mix of Red Indian tribal dance along with a little bit of The Robot and the Light Bulb Bhangra dance. Yeah, I was making a mess and a fool of myself so much so that I was feeling embarrassed and I decided to sit again.


We sat at the sofa and talked again.


Bala had his lucky day too! A hot chic in a pink top came over to him and asked him to dance. (We realised later on, that Kat (her name’s Kat) was drunk as well…)


He was saying no to them at first and I was telling to myself, “OMG! What on earth is Bala doing?? A hot chic wants to dance with him and he’s saying no?? Shit!”


So I shouted, “Bro! Go dance! Dance damn it!”


So he too was whisked onto the dance floor.


As he was leaving, I don’t know if it was the beer or the cigarette, I was just so happy for him that I looked at Roopa and said, “He’s my best friend” and smiled.


We joined them later. Kat was jumping like a maniac and kept screaming “Wooooo!!” every five minutes. And she kept giving high fives after each song ended. It was nice dancing with Roopa though. She dances well and it was a first time dancing with a total stranger. It felt good. I felt… confident.


Later on, after getting Kat’s contact number 😉 We drove Roopa back to her place. She was already half drunk and I had to hold her hands to take her to the car.


Bala’s car was messed up so half of the things I had to hold and half of the things Roopa had to hold. I felt kinda bad but relieved.


I mean, had I been a different person, I would have sent her home. But I would have taken advantage of that situation. So I was relieved that  she was going home with safe company. Us.


Vashi sat at the front and Bala drove. Jag drove by himself home.


I sat behind with Roopa. We had a quiet drive (Bala and Vashi were talking infront). I didn’t know what to speak to Roopa because she was sleeping.


Suddenly I felt movement and then I felt someone touching my right hand. It was her hand. We held hands.


And I could feel that sad feeling of depression emitting from her.


I guess, she just wanted someone to hold hands with.


There was a point in the journey when I asked if she was comfy and she placed her head onto my shoulders. It felt weird. The last I felt this was 2 years ago.


But she was sad. Sad depressed creature. She was hurt. From the inside.


And the sad part is, men take advantage of women like these. Vulnerable women. Despicable men.


We dropped her at her place and waited for her to go in and then we had a slow drive back home.


I asked Bala, “Hey, so you got to dance with Kat man!”


Bala laughed and said, “Yeah, but you know what’s the funny part?”




“A girl has to be drunk in order to ask us for a dance.”


He had a point. It’s a funny and depressing point at the same time. A girl has to be drunk in order to ask us for a dance.


“Why don’t you call Kat. Now that we’ve got her number and see if she wants to come next time?” I asked.


“Nah man. I doubt she’ll ever remember we danced with her.”


“Hey, you’ll never know. Heck! We never knew two drunk girls would ask us for a dance! And they did and we just sent one home!”


We both laughed at our own silliness.


Vashi slept like a pig throughout the whole journey. She sleeps with her mouth open like me as well. Thank God I’m not alone.


Roopa. She was truly a beauty. She reminds me of those old photos that you see in the old albums. Beautiful, but hauntingly depressing.


A girl has to be drunk in order to ask us for a dance. I’m still laughing at this. Good old Bala.


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