Back to Being a Student


Today was the first day of Uni and it started off with me missing the first train (which Vashi was on board) so I had to take the next train (which was 5 minutes after the other one, thank God!). And I met Vashi at the Bandar Tasik Selatan Bus Station.


The Student Affairs office only opens at 9 and we were early by an hour so Vashi came up with the brilliant ideas of all: crash her Biotech class.


So yeah, there we were sitting for an hour or so for the class to start but the lecturer didn’t turn up (I breathed a sigh of relief).


Vashi was really helpful after that, we went over to my faculty’s head department’s office where she explained to me that I need to get my course syllabus as soon as possible if I want an exemption. So this Thursday I’ll be going to MIIM to obtain it (this is tiresome…).


I chilled out at the library as I pondered on what subjects to take this semester. We’re required to fulfill 16 credit hours (max 19) and so the head of my department said I should take 5 majors.


So here they are:


1. Basic Photography

2. Intro to Mass Comm

3. Expository Writing

4. Study Skills and something something..

5. And Visual Communication


After pondering for another 15 minutes (Vashi was again really helpful) We managed to draft out my time table and all I got to do is get my student ID, log on to the academy website thingy and choose my subjects and time (this is so frigging cool!!)


My classes are from Mondays (9am until 2pm), Tuesdays (2pm till 5pm), Wednesdays (9am to 2pm) and Fridays (9.30am to 11am).




I also attended my first class today. Met Sudha and Samantha (shit.. Samantha’s H-O-T!) And they were both really sweet to introduce me to the class and what not. I couldn’t really say hello much and catch up on things because I was late for class (had a late quick lunch with Vashi right after all the hassle and bussle of doing the subject thingy) There’s this awesome cheap Chinese Rice shop next to the Old Town Coffee Shop, it’s frigging cheap and awesome! Gonna have my lunch with Bala there tomorrow 😀


Owhh yeah, back to my class. This one was Basic Photography and the lecturer’s Mr Alex Pan. Or is it Tan? Nevermind. But he’s a nice guy, he does get off track whenever he lectures but he’s really knowledgable and if you’re a photography freak, you should check out his site: (I think he’s a DOTA fan)


So that was it. The only downside was that I had to wait for nearly 1 and the half hours for the stupid train and the train dropped us off at Bangi where another train came and picked us up. KTM is such a slut.


I’m looking forward to classes tomorrow and I hope to meet new friends (I pray, Owh Lord, sweet Baby Jesus, that I meet some hot Iranian chic and I befriend her and then I…)


I’ve been waiting to say this for a long long time, and I finally get to say it again after 3 years: “Classes were fucking boring!”




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