Au Revoir Sony Centre!

I think it’s time to tell everyone. Time to make it official.

My beautiful ladies and my fellow gentlemen, I’ve got a new job and I’ll be starting work on the 4th of May 2009 🙂

I’m sorry for not telling you guys earlier over here but i had to make sure my current boss (the one in Sony) knows about it first. Well, actually he wasn’t the first to know. My branch manager, Mani was the first to know thanks to Sangkaran’s big mouth but it doesn’t make any difference now. I’ll still be leaving.

Whatever said and done, the experience in Sony Centre was a great one. It taught me a lot of things. How important it is to be selfish and how important money is.

Now see, don’t get me wrong about being selfish. You have to be selfish in a certain extent because after what I’ve gone through, i realised this is a dog eat dog world. You have to find your own bowl of rice FIRST before you can share it with the others.

So yes, selfishness is important until a certain extent.

You have to be cunning, you have to be shrewd and you have to play that psychological game that every big player in this world does.

All for the sake of that bowl of rice. That’s business to you. That’s what money makes everyone does.

Dog eat dog world.

But it was a great experience to me. I’m never going to forget Mani for being a great person. To be honest, i never viewed Mani as a branch manager. I viewed him as a friend. But yes, for the sake of respect, i did do my part in giving him that.

I also learned a thing or two about respect. You see, respect is not about people looking at you and bowing down to you and saying “Yes sir” or “No sir” to every word you say.

That’s bullshit!

Respect has nothing to do with instilling fear in people. Fear is another thing. Fear is another genre by itself.

Respect is another.

Respect is when someone looks up to you, makes you his or her role model and trusts you with everything you say or do. That’s respect.

As for me, i’m not going to respect anyone who tries to instill fear into other people’s lives or mine for that matter.

Good bye Sony Centre Tan Electronics. It was great working with you. Thank you for all the knowledge that you’ve had imparted on me. I will remember it for life.

Love & Warmth,

(Ex Assistant Branch Manager of The Gardens Sony Centre – Tan Electronics)


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