Ashes to Snow


Feather to fire, fire to blood, blood to bone, bone to marrow, marrow to ashes, ashes to snow…

The monstrosity in me, the angst, the hate, the pain, the suffering, the happiness, the love, the care, the joy, the passion, the grace, the blessings, the belief, the clairvoyance, the intuitions, the ego, the God in me, the people who know and believed, the people who’re gone and loved, my family, my friends, my father, my mother, my master, I thank you all for believing in me and guiding me.


I’m a Mass Communication graduate now with a major in Journalism. I hold a scroll that says, “BA with Second Class Honours (Upper Division) in Mass Communication” and I’m very proud of myself Smile


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A year ago I was on the verge of quitting Uni as dad passed away, but relatives and friends urged me to continue on studying. Honestly, I don’t know how I got Second Upper Class. I used to bunk classes, go to classes high and drunk at times and with all the depression and frustration in me, I still don’t know how I did it.


I guess maybe I’m lucky..



Mum proud Smile

I’ve never seen mum this happy and this proud for a very very long time and I’m really glad that I made her proud and happy..


I just missed one person that day throughout the graduation. My dad. But as I stood there, amongst my friends and classmates to receive the degree from the chancellor, I closed my eyes and imagined dad and Swami standing next to me, to follow me to receive my scroll.


I could feel them strongest at that moment.



The three of us, Adrian, Lam and me

I was in a daze and everything was dreamlike. I was tired but satisfied. Happy too. I’m just glad I’m done with Uni and now I can finally focus on work and start working for the family.



Navin a.k.a. Blackdeath and me Smile

I must say I should thank Black for driving mum and me all the way to Uni despite him having a terrible cold which later developed to fever. Thank you bro Smile


I look good in the suit don’t I? My first suit Smile


If you think the tie is short, please blame me. I didn’t know how to tie a tie until a day before the convocation. All thanks to Pamela’s patience, I managed to learn how to tie it. Kudos goes to her too who also made a delicious rum cake that night for the little party cum gathering at Black’s. It was the most delicious cake I’ve had ever tasted Smile 


It was fun. Lots of singing, dancing and jokes and drinking and eating and making merry. I think this was the best party ever. Got so hammered that I had the worst hang over the next day. But it was great fun Smile



Adrian & me, the graduates!

Boy am I gonna miss Uni Smile I couldn’t take many photos as we had to rush home because my brother was alone at home. So Black dropped my mum off and we had a nice lunch at KFC and we were joined by Bala & Abi (I ate the wedges as I’m still a vegetarian) Smile


It was a fun day. One of the best infact.


I know if my dad were alive, he would have been proud of me. I know I made him and mum proud.


The question still remains, have I matured?


Alas, I can never answer that. And I think I don’t want to. Let it remain a mystery Smile 


However, I had that same fear that night prior to my graduation, the exact one I had just before leaving to India.


So I did what I could only do, go to the 7 Eleven downstairs and get a drink. As I sat there, I asked myself what was I afraid of? What do you fear?


Change I said.


Change is necessary.


Responsibilities too.


But you’re doing great so far, I said to myself.


And then I told my fear to step out and allow me to soar, to progress. And it did.


I left fear at the steps of 7 Eleven for the second time.


I walked away because I know bigger things are coming for me. And I have to prepare myself for them..


Suitup (1 of 1)

Feather to fire, fire to blood, blood to bone, bone to marrow, marrow to ashes, ashes to snow…

A chapter closes and a new one opens Smile


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  1. I know this is kinda late but hey, Congratulations!!! Wishing you all the best with all your future endeavors. May you be well and happy. 🙂

    – Diane Hendricks-

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