An Introduction

I don’t know where to begin so i shall start by introducing myself. Here it goes.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re reading the blog of one Sukhbir Singh s/o Kaka Singh (yeah go on, laugh at my father’s name) aged 22 (turning 23 this coming September) who lives in Seremban but lives most of the time in Kuala Lumpur, who also frequently dreams of becoming a famous director cum actor and using that money to join politics and form an underground gang ring, use them to topple the current government (Emperor Palpatine style) and rule this land.

But that’s just a dream.

If i had money i would first publish a series of books on my life, then turn them into tv serials and if they’re popular enough, turn them into huge budget movies and earn lot’s of dough from them.

Okay now that I’ve had a good warm up of typing, i shall officially begin my blog. You see, i started blogging way back in 2005 on Friendster. Blogging was one way i released tension, released my frustrations and it made me feel good. But then some shit happened (i will tell you guys when the right time comes) i deleted my Friendster account and i became, how do u call it? Blogless? Yes, i became blogless.

So, let’s begin.

First, i shall introduce you to the characters that will be appearing frequently in my blogs. Let’s start with my family. I come from a typical Punjabi family. The only difference between my Punjabi family compared to the other Punjabi families is my mother.

Ever since i was born, she used to go to Chinese Temples, the Mosque (they didn’t let her in though), the Church, The Kuil, and the Gurdwara. She reminded me of this book called, “Around the World in 80 Days”. If anyone made a book on her, they should name it, “Around the Temples in a Lifetime”

She cooks delicious Punjabi cuisine when she’s angry with any of the family members. Otherwise, it’s just the same old rice and Dhal and a little bit of Saag.

My father on the other hand, is a very quiet and timid fellow. My mum rules the house although she keeps denying it. Sometimes, i think to myself, if my mum uses my dad as a puppet. She’s a very shrewd woman.

He used to drink and he stopped drinking since my mum forced him to stop and now that he has heart problems. But we do drink together when mum’s not around.

The first movie my father and I went to was Free Willy. I will never forget that movie and will forever be indebt with him because, had i not watched that movie with dad, i wouldn’t have had the passion in film making.

I have to stop here now. There’s a thunderstorm coming up. I shall continue more about my family once the rain stops.



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