An Introduction Continued

Sorry about that. I was typing when i heard thunderstorms. Mum shouted from the kitchen to shut off the computer. Had it been not for her yelling, i would have still continued typing.

Where were we?

Ahh yes, i was about to explain the family’s third family member. My twin brother. Now, to be honest, i sometimes get tired of explaining things to people who come to know that I’ve got a twin brother. A disabled twin brother. I shall explain now how he became so.

September the 19th, 1986, the both of us were born. He was born 45 minutes later after me and both of us were infected with the Yellow Fever. I recovered after a week but my brother was not so lucky. His condition worsen and the doctors had no choice but to conduct a blood tranfusion.

They did not have his blood type in stock at that time, so they took blood from a few people (all from different blood categories ofcourse) and the next thing you know, he was unable to walk and talk.

And that’s how he remained. His favorite past time is listening to the radio and watching the birds chirping.

The fourth person is my dog Lessy. I got her when i was 13 years old after much begging from my mum. I got her from Aunty Betty when i heard her Spitz gave birth to a litter of pups.

I went over to her place, she brought a box filled with these fluffy little puppies. I had a hard time choosing the pups when i felt something licking my finger. I looked down, and there she was, eyes closed, licking my finger. I at once chose her, and she became the 5th member of our family.

Mum hates her (but i know deep down she has a soft spot for Lessy).

Next! My friends, the two people whom i’m extremely close to, Bala & Sangkaran. But i guess i shall save the friend part for a later time. I’m feeling extremely sleepy right now, i guess the medicine is kicking in. I was feeling extremely feverish and on the verge of getting flu.

Thanks for reading. More rants will be posted soon.

Love & Warmth,



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