Amees Ziza the Gypsy Queen


Amees Ziza was a gypsy queen,
Who thought she could fulfill every dream,
She forgot, her dad’s a filthy thief,
And a psychic aunt, with stinky feet.

Owhh the agony!
Owhh the lies!

She said she knew what she was doing,
But she forgot, that my blood was boiling,
She said she loved me,
But all she did was adultery.

Owhh the agony!
Owhh the lies!

She said she knew what love is,
And she said she hid nothing,
But she kept her secrets,
And her dad turned out to be a thief.

When she was seventeen,
They told me she got abducted,
But I know it was her ploy,
To get inducted.

Owhh the agony!
Owhh the lies!

You pretended you were a queen,
But all you did was make a scene,
You blamed and said I never understood,
But all I said was misunderstood.


And then on one cold winter,

She told me she has falter,

Reason she gave was,

It was over.


I asked her,

What seems to be the problem,

She said,

Her psychic aunt made a prediction,

That her soul mate will die,

Through some complication.


So she said,

It’s the end,

And since she’s the gypsy queen,

She chose to blend.


Owhh the agony!

Owhh the lies!


Amees Ziza! You truly are a gypsy queen!
The lies you said,
They should be in the hall of fame,
For even your friends,
Never felt the same.

Amees Ziza! You are a gypsy queen!




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