All Is

Follow the river and you will be at Zen,
Why go against the current,
When you can simply ride with the Flow.
Remembering the Past,
Worrying about the Future,
Is akin to a fool,
Placing a heavy rock on his head.
Seeking Freedom and Happiness,
Like a dog chasing after its own tail,
When the tail had always been the dog.
Flow with the river and you’ll be at Zen,

Stay calm,

Stay relaxed,

And you will see,

The Stillness.

Pristine Silence,

A thin straight line,

Never bending,

Not even a little.

Sharp as sword,

Gentle as a petal,

Hard as rock,

Soft as butter,

There was no Experience,

No Dream,

Nor Reality,

All simply Is.



And Formless.

And just when the Truth is found,

The Ego makes its final attempt,

Dodging cunningly like a sly fox,




Placing barriers after barriers,

As large as poles,

Imprisoning itself,

It begs and tells one about the bright future,

It tells,

“Look! If I go, I wouldn’t be able to experience Enlightenment!”

“I was promised of a Paradise, of Heaven, I was promised!

“Can I at least live a little more to experience that?”

The Ego’s last ditch resort,


And to mislead,

There is no Enlightenment,

Never was a need,
There is no Heaven,
There never was a need,
One is already the Stillness,
The Calmness,
The one who is truly Free.
Paradise itself.

Why not?


Come now.

Foolishly one believes one stares out,


One had always been staring right Through.

Feel the river of Life flowing through and one will be Zen,

And when one remembers,

One no longer sees you or me,

Or even Zen,

All Is.


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