Alif: Chapter 5: Justice

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***NOTE: As i sit, writing this last post for this blogovel, waiting for the bus to arrive, with the soft mellow sound of the piano being played behind me, this post is dedicated to my love for India. Albeit a short post, nonetheless it carries a strong message. A message for change. And thus ends, my debacle, my flirt with this short but memorable blogovel which took 2 years into making.


September 19th, 2017



“Breaking news! Kumar Desai, the perpetrator who assassinated the late Chief Minister of Gujarat, Prakash Patel, had been hanged just moments earlier.”


The visual of the news reporter is replaced with that of a scene of the police department with the visual of Inspector Deshmukh speaking to the members of the press. But the voice of the news caster is still in the background as she continues speaking.


“However, Inspector Deshmukh had launched an investigation and several members of the Indian cabinet had been arrested following valid proof and charges of fraud and bribery.”


Visuals of the cabinet members being arrested were aired on the television. Some members were seen being dragged from their homes and offices as they shouted and pleaded not guilty. But they were guilty, as several people had the courage to speak about the evils they did. The evil they brought upon.


“In the end, it was not the British who ruined the country, it was us in our own way.” Inspector Deshmukh said. “One man brought upon the change. Although he did it in the wrong way, but he opened the eyes of alot of people.”


As the news report went on, and as the customers at the coffee shops, sat sipping their hot cup of Chai, Alif’s parents were at his grave, giving him his respects.


In their minds, they knew, despite the loss of their son, India will be a better place tomorrow.


A soft breeze blew as they poured water over his grave. A bird flew as they slowly got up to take leave.


Kumar had left an impact in the minds of the Indian society. A new and better Chief Minister of Gujarat was elected.


The soft breeze that blew, brought about the change. Change for a better tomorrow. For a better India.


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