Alif: Chapter 2: The Aftermath

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August 27th, 2016

“You’re with me Shekar Kapoor on MTI News Channel as the mystery behind the assasins of the late Chief Minister of Gujarat, Dr Prakash Patel MBBS deepens.” a tired looking reporter is seen on the late night news channel introduced himself. The background of a fully lit posh looking apartment is seen behind him.

“I’m now infront of Vinayar Villas where it’s confirmed that the assasins have taken refuge. Residents from the ground floors and the first few floors have been asked to evacuate the building as members of the elite Black Cat Commandos are taking their positions to storm the building.”

Various helicopters are seen hovering above the 35 floored apartment, a place where rich and the famous usually stay during their holidays if they come to Goa. The streets are crowded with locals as they try to get news on what’s going on. Police personnel with jeeps are busy crowd controlling as the reporter continued, “With me here is the Chief Inspector of Gujarat, Inspector Deshmukh.” the reporter turns to Deshmukh and continues, “Sir, how are the plans progressing so far now that we’ve located the terrorists?”

A tired looking Deshmukh replies, “The Black Cats are preparing themselves to do an all out assault but at the moment the police force is assisting them in evacuating the residents in the first few bottom floors.”

“Do you guys know exactly where the terrorists are held up?”

“No. But if my guess is correct, they should be somewhere in the 20th floor. But we can’t tell as of yet. And we certainly can’t let in our counter terrorism plans yet because we know they’re watching the news at this hour.”

“So how do you-” the reporter stops talking as a loud explosion is heard in the apartment. People around the vicinity scream and start to run in panic as nearby car alarms start blaring. Another explosion and then a few gunshots are heard.

The reporter who had regained his composure follows Deshmukh from behind, who’s running towards the apartments. “They have started the operation. The Black Cats are in the building!” shouts Deshmukh.

The cameraman and the reporter are halted and are not permitted to go beyond the safety point, as the cameraman zooms his camera to take a visual shot of a burning room. Several gunshots are heard again and then silence.

There’s confusion everywhere and then a number of police jeeps are heard from a distance. Each one blaring their sirens to the heavens, sending a chill down to everyone’s spine.

Chief Inspector Deshmukh slowly emerges from the apartments followed by two members of the Black Cats 30 minutes later. All three of them were unhurt. A group of reporters start to crowd around the tired and sullen looking Inspector.

“Have you got the terrorists?” one asked.

“How many were they?” asked the other.

“From which group? Al Qaeda?”

Despite the number of questions posed, Deshmukh remained dazed. He slowly said to the reporters, “We’ve got the terrorist.”

There was silence save for the occasional clicks of the camera and the soft sirens of the police jeeps which were very far away now.

Deshmukh swallowed and then continued, “And he’s a Hindu.”


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Alif: Chapter 2: The Aftermath

Sirens blazed as the city was jampacked with people trying to catch what was taking place.

Police personnel were standing alert to their feets, guarding the entrance of an apartment with the assistance of the yellow police tapes.

At the corner of the street the stringer for the MTI News Channel busied himself adjusting the mic. The cameraman was busy fingering his videocam.

Everyone was busy.

At coffee shops and restaurants elsewhere around India, people sat glued to their television sets, waiting for what to take place next.


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