Adieu and Bonjour

We sat, holding hands as the clock ticked away. The environment around us was dark save for the only light from the candles nearby us.

“I’m gonna miss you,” she said.

“Me too. But things got to end,” I replied slowly.

“Why do they have to end this way?”

I thought hard and then I replied after a moment or two, “I guess it’s just the way things are.” To be honest, I didn’t have a proper answer to that question. Never really had and I hated it when someone asked me that. I always seem to give these cheesy answers.

“You take care of yourself kay?” she said as she glanced at the clock on the wall nearby. It showed 11:58 am.

“I will. You too,” I smiled sadly.

She stood up, with tears in her eyes and yet she smiled. That was the most beautiful image of someone I had ever seen. Smiling with tears. The irony. She walks to the door and then turns around to look at me one last time, waves and smiles.

I smile and wave back. We looked into each others eyes one last time and then she turned around, opened the door and walked out from the room.

I sat quietly. I’m gonna miss her..

The clock chimed, signaling 12 o`clock. I hated this moment. I stared at the door, waiting.

The door opens and she comes in again, with a different costume this time and she sits opposite me, where she had sat earlier. She smiles, and says, “Hello! I’m 2013. And you are?”

I smile sadly and reply, “I’m tired,”



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