Adam and Eve

God created Eve because Adam was lonely. Although he enjoyed his time in the beautiful garden which had an abundance of fruits, flowers and critters and beasts of all kinds, Adam just couldn’t relate to them simply because he was, well -different. And so one day, as he sat by the river side, all by himself, munching on a mango, he imagined someone he could talk to. Someone whom he could relate to.Laugh and cry with. Someone whom he could share his the mango with. Seeing this, God understood and felt sorry for Adam and so, he created Eve. She rose from the depths of the river and walked to the shore and Adam realised that she was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid his eyes on. God’s perfect creation. Adam introduced himself to Eve and shared his mango. They both enjoyed each other’s company. However, one day, as Eve was taking a stroll with Adam, she chanced upon an apple. The forbidden apple. And she chose to take a bite and offer it to Adam. Adam knew he was not supposed to eat the forbidden apple and he even had cautioned Eve not to do so. But she insisted him to try simply because she felt Adam should try other fruits besides the mango. He tried the apple and enjoyed it immensely and God realised that they had violated one of his main rules. So from the skies, he spoke to the both of them, “Did you just eat my apple?” Adam nodded and apologised profusely. God being God, he realised that an apple was no big deal. I mean, come on, it’s just an apple. Why kick a big fuss over it? And so, he said, “Nah it’s alright. I’ll just create new ones and maybe some for you two.” Adam and Eve lived happily ever after in the garden of God. They not only had mangos but apples, oranges and even papayas too.


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